Tuesday 15 December 2020

My Life in Books - the 2020 edition

Annabookbel has posted her annual My Life in Books meme. It's a fun way to finish the reading year and a nice opportunity to look back over all the books read during 2020.

The rules are simple: using only books you have read this year (2020), answer these prompts. Try not to repeat a book title. (Links in the titles will take you to my reviews where they exist.)

In high school I was: Some Tame Gazelle
People might be surprised by: Life After Truth
I will never be: The Parisian
My life in lockdown was like: One Hundred Years of Solitude
My fantasy job is: Elizabeth and Her German Garden

At the end of a long day I need: The Spare Room
I hate being: The Red Head by the Side of the Road
Wish I had: The Pull of the Stars
My family reunions are: The Tempest
At a party you’d find me with: Girl, Woman, Other

I’ve never been to: Cherry Beach
A happy day includes: Humankind
Motto I live by: How We Live Now
On my bucket list is: A Month in Siena
In my next life, I want to have: The Secret Library of Hummingbird House


  1. The Perfect lockdown title. Hope you had fun, and thanks for linking.

  2. Great choices, Brona! My fantasy job would also be Elizabeth and Her German Garden :)

  3. How fun! Here's mine:

  4. Great challenge to remember the books you have read. I will look into it. I think I did one last year. Curious how this year will turn out.

  5. What an interesting list. I will give this a good thought and hopefully come up with my own list. You alwas have such great lists.

    Have a good day.

  6. This was a great meme/book tag for end of the year. Love your Lockdown answer and how perfectly fitting!

    I'm a couple of days late, but here's my My Life in Books 2020 Edition


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