Monday 18 April 2011

The Dead I Know by Scot Gardner

The secret to elegance is simplicity.
Gardner has mastered this beautifully. His writing style is brief, to the point, matter-of-fact...but at times poetic. Lovely images – stark images. A character you care for, feel for, worry about – someone you want to help too.

He mixes in gentle humour and a hint of a mystery. Gardner's sympathetic portrayal gradually reveals the depth and complexity of his characters. The disturbed teen, the gentle boss, his weird daughter....behind them all is the hope that love will win out - over adversity, grief and time.

A moving story of a teen forced to grow up too quickly. The Dead I Know is for mature readers and is certainly one that I will be recommending. And I think I will be having a look at his back catalogue too!


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