Saturday 2 April 2011

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

This book came to me with a big rave review attached to maybe I was expecting too much?

Chapter 2 hit me in the face with "my bright auburn locks'' and only 3 paragraphs later ''her head of shiny black hair''!

Even though the story is (or could be) interesting, I'm feeling so much animosity towards the lazy language usage that I doubt I will finish it. And as for the love interest - pah! I quote - 'time stops' - 'my armour begins to crumble' - 'sparkling pale cornflower blue eyes' - 'he belongs in either Hollywood or heaven'! Spare me and pass the bucket quick!

It's a memory story - the twist being that London (great name!) dreams about the future and forgets the past every night. So she has memories of what will happen to her family and friends in the future, but has to write herself a list each night of exactly who those people might be!!

It's due out in June - read it and let me know if it gets any better.

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