Sunday, 22 May 2011

Very Very Pearlie - Pearlie in the Park/Lost Doll/Opal by Wendy Harmer

Very Very Pearlie is a bind-up of the first 3 stories written by comedienne Wendy Harmer.
The colourful, exuberant illustrations by Mike Zarb complement the stories with a happy chorus of all things pink. They're a perfect match for the 6+ girl market.

Each story has a blend of humour, mystery and drama. And they all finish with a little moral or ah-ha moment to leave everyone satisfied.
Pearlie has a core group of friends in Hyde Park that help (or hinder her in her day to day life). As the books develop we're visited by Fern the New Zealand fairy and Opal the outback fairy. Pearlie also goes off on her own adventures to Central Park in New York and the cherry blossom festival in Japan.

The books are satisfying early readers but also work well as mum-and-dad-read-aloud books. 

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