Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Truth About Verity Sparks by Susan Green

A thoroughly enjoyable ramble through Victorian London complete with pea-soupers, horse-drawn carriages and Cockney accents!

Verity is a young orphan working as a milliner's assistant. Her life seems to stretch ahead of her full of hard work and loneliness. Except that Verity has a gift. The gift of finding lost things. When Verity finds a lost gem she comes to the attention of the Professor who runs a Confidential Inquiry Agency.

Verity's life changes dramatically as she helps the Professor in his work. She is accepted into his family, given food, shelter and new clothes. As Verity explores her special gift of finding lost things, she also uncovers the mystery to her own past.

My only concern was that the last few pages tidied everything up rather too neatly and left us in no doubt of a book two and that it would bring all the characters to Australia.

Verity is a great read for 10+ mature readers. My only hesitation for younger readers or sensitive types is that the book explores seances, psychic phenomena and that two of the main characters are rather large boa constrictors!

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