Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Golden Door by Emily Rodda

Are you impressed? 

Three fantasy books in a row. And believe it or not - The Golden Door was the pick of the bunch.

This is a new trilogy by Rodda for the Deltora Quest & Rowan of Rin fans to move onto.

The story begins in Weld with three brothers. Rye is the youngest son; their father is dead. The Weld is a walled city to protect them from the enemy that they all live in fear of. At night their home (and all of Weld) is under attack from the flesh-eating skimmers.

The government deals with the ensuing civil unrest by asking anyone over 18 to volunteer to leave the Weld to find the enemy and stop the skimmers.

Rye's two older brothers volunteer...but don't return. Rye decides to volunteer, even though he is underage, to find his brothers.
Rye signs the pact, proceeds to the chamber with the sign of Dann and makes his first allow Sonia to go through the golden door with him.

So begins a Tolkien like journey for Rye and Sonia - complete with tests, signs, magic tokens and curious helpers.

Completely absorbing, well-conceived and crafted. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm eagerly awaiting the second installment of the Three Doors Trilogy - The Silver Door.

Click here to visit the Scholastic Three Doors page. The Golden Door will be released in Australia September 2011.


  1. Anonymous8/1/12

    I loved this boook as well. Would you have any idea when The Silver Door will be coming out?

  2. The Silver Door is due out April 2012. And unofficially, I've heard that The Third Door is due in Dec 2012.


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