Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Traitor and the Tunnel by Y S Lee

This is the third book in the Mary Quinn series - a Victorian detective series for young teens.

It is now 1860 and Mary is 17 and a full member of the Women's Detective Agency. Her first assignment takes her to Buckingham Palace where she takes on the role of domestic servant to Queen Victoria's family to uncover the thief making off with the royal trinkets.

Naturally there are complications. The young Prince of Wales is implicated in a murder in an opium den, James Easton reappears in the tunnels beneath the Palace and suddenly Mary's first assignment had become more dangerous and more personal than she would like.

Lee has written an easy to read, engaging historical mystery.

Younger readers (11+) could enjoy this series too, but there are some gentle romantic entanglements at the end of this particular book that keep it in the teen section rather than junior fiction!

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