Wednesday, 26 October 2011

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

Perhaps I'm in a bad mood and don't know it. Maybe I got out of bed on the wrong side. Maybe I'm too tired. But this book just left me cold.

I know! I've read some of your reviews out there in blog land - you all love this book! It's a breath of fresh air, the book you've all been waiting for. But I was disappointed. My previous Meg Rosoff experiences have been fabulous so perhaps my expectations were too high.

The construct was amusing - a teenage boy as god - which would actually explain a lot. But I got tired of it after the 3rd chapter. It felt like cleverness for the sake of cleverness.

I couldn't engage with any of the characters; they left me cold, with a couldn't care less attitude towards them.

I ended up skimming the middle section just to get it over and done with :-(

This book contains sexual references.

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