Saturday, 26 November 2011

Girl Missing & Sister Missing by Sophie McKenzie

These 2 books are quick, easy reads. Crime thrillers for teens centred around the basic human concern of 'who am I really'?

Girl Missing begins with 14 year old Lauren wondering about her birth family. She is bickering non-stop with her adoptive parents and brother and thinks that maybe she has another life someone where she belongs and feels special.

As Lauren looks into her adoption and starts asking questions she quickly realises that something does not add up. Could she be a missing child? Was she stolen from her birth family?

The action & drama escalates. We have run-aways, kidnapping, attempted murder and plenty of thrill and spills.

Sister Missing continues the story 2 years later.

This story felt more contrived and convenient. But McKenzie uses the same fast-paced, thrilling techniques so you don't have too long to ponder the improbables.

The heart-breaking part was when I googled the images for the covers to insert here. My screen filled with photographs of smiling young girls - all missing - all with heart-felt please from their families to come home.

Recommended for good 11+ readers.

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