Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spell Sisters #2 Lily the Forest Sister by Amber Castle

A lovely new series with spunky, adventurous girls, a little bit of magic and fast-paced action.

The series is set during Arthurian times but the dialogue and relationships have a very contemporary feel.

In Book 1 we're introduced to 11 year Guinevere and her cousin Flora. They stumble across the magical island of Avalon where the lady of the lake gives them a mission. The evil Morgana le Fey has trapped 8 magical sisters and taken their powers from them. Unless they are freed, the magic of Avalon will gradually fade and die.

In book 2, Sophia has already been freed by the girls, but now the forest is dying and they must rescue Lily the Forest Sister from her entrapment.
Click here to go to the publishers page where you can find colouring in sheets, wordfinds and other activities to download for free.

This is a well-written, enjoyable series from Simon & Schuster for young readers due for release in Australia in April.

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