Sunday, 4 March 2012

Saturday Snapshot - Powderfinger

I've been a Powderfinger fan for over 15 years. My sister gave me 'Internationalist' one Christmas. On a long road trip I listened to it over and over again - it was the beginning of a long love affair.

"If you want to be a passenger
Climb aboard with me we're leaving now
Step outside and see another world
Only if you want to be a passenger"

(with Silverchair and special guest Jimmy Barnes Sept 2007)

I saw them play live at a Big Day Out in 2005. I saw Bernie do a solo gig at the Enmore and a Powderfinger performance with Silverchair in 2007. And, finally, I saw 2 of their farewell Sunset tour peformances in Sydney in 2010.

"Another day meanders by
Keeping nature's tabled time
All these things just pass you by
And you can't relax in a scheduled life"

(Sunset Tour Sydney Sept 2010)

(Sunset Tour Sydney Nov 2010)
So imagine how excited I was to receive their bio for Christmas - "The Inside Story Australia's Best Loved Band: Powderfinger: Footprints." Complete with 2 CD's of their best hit songs.

"My happiness is slowly creeping back
Now you're at home
If it ever starts sinking in
It must be when you pack up and go"

Being a Powderfinger fan for so long meant that I already knew that Powderfinger were basically a group of 5 decent Aussie blokes. I knew that any bio about them would be fairly straight forward; no surprises.
But I didn't expect boring!

"There's a weight dragging through my days that I spend trying to fill the space
That's been there since the day that we parted and made our goodbyes
There's a truth begging to be told as the blues grab and take a hold
And I just can't believe when I wake up that you could be gone."

I've never read any of Dino Scatena's work before, so I dont know if the problem was his or whether a story about 5 ordinary blokes just doesn't make for a good story. Either way it was a struggle to get through this book. Thank goodness for the many, many photos.

And thank goodness I have so many happy memories of listening to their songs at defining moments of my life  - "footprints on the other side remind me where I've been."

Retiring in their early 40's at the top of their game means that the boys from Powderfinger will always be forever young in the hearts and souls of the fans.

"Promises already gone
There's no escape it's said and done
So keep your love forever young."

I can feel another sing-along coming on!

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  1. I haven't heard of it before, but it looks like you had fun when you saw them!


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