Wednesday 8 August 2012

A Year in Books

This meme - A Year in Books - is simple...using your blog posts from the past 12 months or so, find a book title to answer the questions below.

Please comment, follow, like the posts of others.

Then leave a link with your post URL in the comments section so we can comment, follow, like you too.

I Come From: The Daughters of Mars

I Am: Just A Girl

I Feel: Prized

I Currently Live: The Future of Us

I Work: with The Rights of the Reader

If I Could Go Anywhere, I Would Go: To Hope and Back

My Favourite Form of Transport: Hero on a Bicycle

My Favourite Time: Now

My Bestfriend is: a Rudie Nudie

Me and My Friends Are: Among the Mad

The Weather Here is Like: Cinnamon Rain

I Fear: Bitter Greens

I Wish: to be The Paris Wife

A Piece of Good Advice: Search for Wondla

I Would Like to Die: Wonderstruck

My Soul's Present Condition: Rules of Civility

My Thought for the Day: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

P.S. This is not an original idea. I saw similiar posts to this ages ago, but have not been able to find them again! If you know who this meme originated with, please let me know so that I can acknowledge them appropriately. Until then, please accept my imitation as the highest form of flattery.


  1. Anonymous9/8/12

    Funny I would not think of doing a 12 months recap in the middle of the year. but I love those things and use them at my yearly wrap-up at the end of the year. I have many more, you can grab them from my post. scroll down, after all my statistics:

    1. Dec is one of the busiest months of the year for me and January I'm often on holidays, so I usually miss the 12 month recaps at that time. So I decided to just jump in at a time that suited me :-)

    2. Thanks for the link to your yearly wraps...I see we have come across similiar ones at different times :-)

  2. This is too funny, and rather clever. Well done.

  3. Very clever! Not sure where this originated, but I did it last year and posted this year's edition last week... lots of fun.


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