Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Angela Carter Week 8 - 15th June 2014

Well, this is a lovely little find.

Caroline @Beauty Is A Sleeping Cat and Delia @Postcards From Asia are co-hosting an Angela Carter month on their blogs.

I have a copy of The Bloody Chamber which I've been meaning to read for simply ages.
(Actually, I started reading it years ago but for some reason I didn't finish it.)

It will also fit nicely into my TBR Reading Challenge & Gothic Fiction selection for the Eclectic Reader Challenge.

It's time.

What will you be reading this during Angela Carter Week?


  1. Hi Brona,
    Nice to see you're joining us for the Angela Carter Week. I have a copy of The Bloody Chamber as well, I'm looking forward to reading your review and comparing notes.

  2. I'm joining in on this one too. Nights at the Circus is on my TBR Pile Challenge so I'm aiming to finally get around to that. I hope you enjoy The Bloody Chamber - that was the book that made me fall in love with Carter.

    1. Thanks Ellie - now I'm getting really excited :-)

  3. Anonymous4/6/14

    I'm excited to see that you are participating. I have The Bloody Chamber lined up for this event as well.

  4. OoHHH hope you have fun, I have yet to read The Bloody Chamber even though I have owned it for a few months now!


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