Monday 8 September 2014

Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer

I haven't read a lot of teen/YA fiction lately - it has been boring me to tears to be perfectly honest.
Which is difficult, when it's my job to read children's book!

Thank goodness then, for Meg Wolitzer and Belzhar.

I was reluctantly, then wholeheartedly, drawn into this sad world of teens with 'issues' and their special school, The Wooden Barn.

Wolitzer's writing was enchanting; her characters were believable and before I knew it, I was sucked into this strange world of inspired teaching, mysterious journals & teen angst.

Belzhar was also a story about the power of words - "great writing (does) make a difference" - and the healing power of story in helping us through life.

The trick being, of course, to know when it's a story we're telling ourselves "because the truth was unbearable."

Wolitzer referred to the stories & poetry of Sylvia Plath throughout this book, as well as creating her title in homage to The Bell Jar, which has only made me more determined to read it!

Belzhar is an October release for Simon & Schuster Australia.
Highly recommended for teens, YA and adults wanting an easy but compelling read.


  1. Anonymous8/9/14

    This sounds excellent.
    I'm often disappointed in the writing in YA novels. I find that books written for a younger audience 6 - 12 or so, are often crafted far more carefully. I wonder why.

  2. I didn't realize this was a YA title... sounds wonderful anyway!

    1. It's being marketed as a 'crossover' book. I haven't read The Interestings, so I don't know if Wolitzer has changed her writing style/tone/level for a different genre or not. This was lightly written, with some beautiful sections that really grabbed my attention.

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  4. This book is on my TBR pile of books I am considering for my Mock Printz Workshop list. Thanks for the good review. The book just moved up the pile. Here is my snapshot of the week


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