Sunday 30 November 2014

AusReading Month Wrap-Up

I've thoroughly enjoyed my month of Aussie books, especially since I combined AusReading Month with Non-Fiction November.
It was a great incentive to finish some of those Australian history books lying by my bed!

I've tried to not let hosting AusReading Month take over my life, as I want to read Australian books during November, not blog all the time!

My blog is meant to help me focus my reading and keep a track of what I like & don't like and why.

But I found that I did end up blogging for large parts of every day (at the expense of reading time).

I love blogging & I love reading, but I feel that I need to balance the two a little better. I know I can get a little obsessive when I find something I love doing and feel passionate about it. The trick I have to learn is moderation!

In the meantime, it's time to wrap up AusReading Month.

What did I read?

I completed 12 books - 3 non-fiction, 4 fiction, 3 picture books & 2 children's books.

I got to Number 35 in Adam Spencer's Big Book of Numbers (only 65 to go!) and I'm a 1/4 of the way through The Watch Tower by Elizabeth Harrower (very, very disturbing!)

What was my favourite Aussie read this month?

Fiction - Golden Boys by Sonya Hartnett
Non-Fiction - Sydney by Delia Falconer
Children's - The Ghost's Child by Sonya Hartnett

Happy Surprise?

My first Rowland Sinclair mystery - a real gem - can't wait to read the rest.


That I didn't even pick up The Biggest Estate on Earth. I really want to read this, but I don't seem to make any time for it.

What's next?

To work on my Aussie author alphabet list, so I have few completed drafts before going on holidays in the New Year!
To join in Heavenali's Willa Cather reading week 7th-14th Dec.
To survive the Christmas madness at work.
Put up the Christmas tree.

Plans for next year's AusReading Month?

To have a few weekly questions/ surveys for participants to join in (with the aim of still keeping it about reading time not blogging time).
Organise a State by State reading challenge.

That's it!
That's all folks.
It's a wrap for another year.

Thank you one and all for visiting, reading, reviewing, commenting & tweeting.
Your enthusiasm & interest keeps me going.

Mr Linky will stay live for another few days if you have any more review posts to add.


  1. Thank you for doing this again, and for taking so much time and trouble. Though time got away from me and I only read two books I have been inspired. I plan to read more by Katherine Susannah Prichard and Henry Handel Richardson, and I have books by Rosa Praed and Helen Simpson lined up too.

    1. Yes, I'd be happy to read more Richardson too.

      Prichard is on my TBR list.
      The main thing is we're spreading the word about great Australian reads :-)

  2. Anonymous1/12/14

    I look forward to AusReadingMonth 2015! Nevil Shute, Ruth year? Thanks for all the work, blogging and enthusiasm voor Aussie books!

    1. Perhaps you could try a Patrick White to also help out with your Nobel challenge?

  3. Anonymous3/12/14

    Although I didn't have quite as much time as I would have liked, I enjoyed the focus on Australian literature. Thanks for organizing the event!

  4. You did incredible! I'm so glad you hosted this. I found myself looking for more Aussie books to read.


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