Saturday 25 April 2015

Dewey Readathon

This is only my second and a half Dewey Readathon (the half was the time when I found out about the readathon the day after, but then realised that due to the 11 hr time difference, I could actually join in the last half!)

Without fail the Readthon always falls on a busy weekend for me. This weekend is no different, but I've decided to throw caution to the wind & join in anyway. I will simply do the best I can.

My aim is to finish some of my partly read books so that I can start May uncluttered!

I will use this post as my update page on the day & I plan to keep an eye on twitter when I can.

I can't wait to find out who my cheerleader is this year #readathon #anticipation #feverpitch!!

Are you joining in this year?
What will you be reading this weekend?

The Beginning: below are the page numbers I will be starting from on each book.

Circus of the Unseen - pg 61
Germinal - pg 291
You're Still Hot to Me - pg 35
Yes Please - pg 65

Given it's late Saturday night in Sydney, I'll probably only read a chapter or 2 before falling asleep. Next update will be in the morning. 

Below is my #wordsofwisdom quote from Amy Poehler's Yes Please.

I believe I'm on team Jo March as I've been added to that group on Twitter, but I don't quite understand how it all works. Hopefully my morning brain will sort it out tomorrow...

Until then,
Happy Readathon!

Half-time Report

It's a wet, cold, miserable morning in Sydney - a perfect day for reading all day!

The first half of readathon sees me 63 pages further into Yes, Please with 6 hrs sleep under my belt.

We have friends visiting this weekend, so realistically, I won't get much reading done this morning. 
Does reading Twitter & scrolling through Instagram pics count?

Hopefully this afternoon I will visit a few blogs to see what everyone is up to.


  1. Yes Please is a perfect book for the readathon! She is hilarious. Can't wait to start reading!

    1. It's proving to be the perfect late night read - light & easy ... & very amusing.

  2. The time difference is tricky here. I'm always working these weekends. One day I'll get to do a readathon.... One day. Good luck.

  3. First thing I saw of this post was "Germinal" - hurrah! I hope you love it! I'm joining too, so I'll check in with you later. Have fun :)

  4. I'm participating in dewey's readathon for the first time this year. I read a picture book to get started. Good luck with your reading today!

  5. Hi Brona! I think I'm not in the team who is going to cheer on you, but I just had to say hi! Hope you are having lots of fun during the RAT.

    Happy reading!


  6. stopcomplainingstopcomplaining has to be the best advice there ever was. I'm guilty of not always remembering it though.

    Glad to see you are doing so well. Sleep well so you start tomorrow energized and ready to read some more! :)

  7. I love Amy's words of wisdom! You are doing great for it being late there. Keep it up! “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” ― William Styron I hope you're not too exhausted yet.

  8. I love those words of wisdom! And sounds like you had a great time with the readathon! I was following you on instagram!


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