Monday 29 June 2015

It's Monday

This weekend just past may not have been the busiest weekend I've ever experienced, but it comes in a pretty close second.

I'm so exhausted I hurt.

My eyes ache, my legs throb & my head hurts!

After work on Friday we enjoyed a staff farewell party.

Saturday morning my family viewed four houses for rent....because, yes, we have to move. Not unexpected or even unwelcome, but a tiresome, tiring process nonetheless.

Then my sister and her family came to stay Saturday night...another late night ensued.

Sunday morning was an early start to get them off to the airport in time to start their holiday, followed by two huge semi-final soccer games with the boys (both went into extra time, one also went into penalty shoot-outs but both were ultimately successful).

A quick trip home to catch up with one of my dearest school friends who was also driving through Sydney with her family for their holiday on the North Coast, followed by another viewing of one more house, then cleaning up our house after the visitors, packing a few more boxes (why oh why did I buy all those books?) 

Finally, packing my own bags for my mini-break away this week!!

My mind had so many things going through it (mostly to with packing up & cleaning logistics) that I couldn't settle to anything. 

I needed a quick, easy, fun read and I needed it now!

The choice was obvious in the end. 

Miles Off Course is the third book in the Rowland Sinclair series and it starts off in the Blue Mountains...were I am right now!

In early 1933, Rowland Sinclair and his companions are ensconced in the superlative luxury of The Hydro Majestic - Medlow Bath, where trouble seems distant indeed.
And then Harry Simpson vanishes.
Croquet and pre-dinner cocktails are abandoned for the High Country where Rowland hunts for Simpson with a determination that is as mysterious as the disappearance itself. Stockmen, gangsters and a belligerent writer all gather to the fray, as the investigation becomes embroiled with a much darker conspiracy.
Murder, Treason, Trespass, Kidnapping, Betrayal...
Again, Rowland Sinclair finds himself in the middle of it all.

There's so much more I want to say about things like Paris in July, Japanese Literature Challenge, Gone With the Wind, great holiday reads & how do you turn your brain off to get a good nights sleep, when you have so much stuff going on that you feel like bursting?

But I'm feeling so very weary again & typing on my phone isn't helping. 

What do you do to unwind & switch off at the end of each day? Do you have a fun, easy series that you turn to in times of stress?

Please forgive any weird formatting issues & no links as I'm also posting this on my phone & won't be able to check on my laptop for a few days. 

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  1. This sounds like my entire month of June. I have definitely stopped reading because I am just so tired that I cannot concentrate on anything. My game-playing has increased exponentially though. I find myself playing Candy Crush and similar games as my method of unwinding before going to sleep. It turns off the thousands of thoughts but doesn't require me to concentrate or put forth any mental effort like reading might. I'm hoping that July will be less hectic and therefore a much better reading month.

    Good luck with your move and enjoy your mini-break!

    1. Unfortunately those type of games over stimulate me too!! Instead of thinking about my stuff I lie there with retina shadows behind my lids of flying birds and exploding pigs!

      Good luck in achieving a quieter July.

  2. reading is my go to distraction! doing a lot of that :)
    glad the weekend is past for you and hoping for some inner rest...
    all the best wishes for the upcoming move and for all the help you'll need!

    1. Sadly I had no time for reading and my eyes and head were just too weary by Sunday evening to take in anything.

      Fortunately the week has improved with a lovely comfort read (review due soon!!)

  3. I'm sorry to comment on the wrong post, but for some reason I can't comment on your TTT post. I wanted to say that I have so many of those on my TBR list, but I haven't read any of them. I glad you enjoyed them and to know they are good. :D

    1. Thanks Jenni. Blogger doesn't turn on my comments automatically & because I did my TTT post on my phone, I forgot. Will fix now :-)

  4. Oh yes, I re-read when stressed - one always gets something new from re-reading, of course, but mostly it's for how soothing it is not to have to think about anything very very new!

    1. I love re-reading too Vicki...and that is one of the main criteria I am using about which books to keep and which to pass on to others as I pack up house. If I loved it but know I will never reread it, I'm trying to match it to a friend :-)

  5. A very busy weekend. Reading reduces my stress :)

    Have a great week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  6. Good luck moving. To relax at night I settle into an old favourite film, or a magazine that is new, always a treat or a hot bath with clean or new pajamas. Wash it all away. Hugging my dogs or having a game with them is relaxing too. Start planning a relaxing day for yourself, something to look forward to during the chaos

    1. Bubble baths are a favourite of mine too:-)


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