Monday 1 June 2015

It's Monday...and it's Winter!

Whilst browsing twitter this weekend, I spotted a comment from Sarah (@Sarah Reads Too Much) about joining in #20booksofsummer at Cathy @746 Books.

I love these kinds of challenges even though I usually fail them abysmally! 

For instance, I challenged myself to read a selection of cosy autumnal books back in March. I only had 10 books on the list...and sadly, I only read one of them...and that ended up being a DNF! But I still have a week to go before that list officially finishes - perhaps I will knock over one more title in that time (ba ha ha!!)

So why am I drawn to writing up lists and challenges that I so often fail?

Why do I love making a list and a deadline only to watch them go sailing by?

My eagerness to join in Cathy's challenge has got me wondering and thinking.

What is it that makes lists, especially book lists, so attractive to me?

I've decide there are multiple factors at play.

My TBR pile is seriously out of control. Making lists helps me feel virtuous about addressing this problem. I feel a sense of power as I create order out of chaos!

Going through my stacks to compile the lists also helps me to rediscover what lovely surprises are lurking at the bottom. The occasional dead cockroach is not such a lovely surprise though!

I love crossing things off my lists. The sense of accomplishment with each tick is intoxicating. Being able to run a huge line through a completed list is heady stuff indeed (yeah, I know, I probably need to get out more!)

As a lifelong, slightly obsessive listographer it's actually a deeply ingrained habit. Blame my genetics or upbringing...whatever...lists are in my blood!

Finally, book lists have become a very cyber-social thing ever since I started blogging. I love being in a community of fellow bookoholics and listographers. I always end up adding to my wishlist (another list!) with every list challenge I read.

So here I go again with another book list (& a quickly devised Southern Hemisphere badge of moi rugged up for last winter).

Obviously I live on the other side of the world & in a different hemisphere to Cathy and Sarah. So my list has been retitled #20booksofwinter for any fellow Aussie, NZ-er's, Polynesian, South African, South American, Antartican bloggers out there.

Since the main aim of this list is to be practical and do-able. I will start with those books already half-started (or is that half-finished?)

1. Gone With the Wind (for Corinne's readalong)
2. You're Still Hot to Me by Jean Kittson
3. Coming of Age: Growing Up Muslim in Australia (shortlisted for this years CBCA)

Next up are three Vietnamese based books that I've collected since our holiday there at Easter.

4. Man by Kim Thuy
5. A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain by Robert Olen Butler (also a 1993 Pulitzer Prize winner so I can cross this book off two lists!)
6. The Book of Salt by Monique Truong

A few slim volumes and easy reads to keep this list manageable.

7. The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide (in readiness for Dolce Bellezza's Japanese Literature Challenge).
8. The Summer Book by Tove Jansson (to link me to Cathy's original idea :-)
9. Springtime by Michelle de Kretser
10. Remarkably Jane by Jennifer Adams (getting ready for Adam's Austen in August)
11. Miles Off Course by Gentill Sulari (third book in the Rowland Sinclair cosy crime series).

A couple more CBCA shortlisted titles

12. Nona and Me by Clare Atkins
13. The Protected by Claire Zorn

A few new releases

14. The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader
15. One Life by Kate Grenville
16. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
17. Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick Dewitt

To finish up, a few classic reads and rereads...

18. Watership Down by Richard Adams
19. Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte (to fit in with Allie's Victorian Celebration)
20. Emma by Jane Austen (a reread also for Austen in August)

On standby are 10 lovely tempting Penguin Little Black Classics, mostly poetry, just in case!

What will you be reading this season?
Do you feel compelled to compile a list? 


  1. I love making lists although I didn't dare go for 20. I'm quite likely to fail miserably but it's still fun trying and I made sure all mine were short and hopefully quick reading.

    Thanks for the button - I will use it as I go along.

  2. Anonymous1/6/15

    I really like the button you made for winter! I've read two on your list: Gone with the Wind and Watership Down.

  3. I do like a list as you know. Reading within a relatively short timespan is more difficult, but I like this idea. I think I'll try for 20 CBCA shortlisted books for the winter. I'm not sure that I'll get there. But perhaps it will help me get over 10... You've picked an interesting mix of 20 books.

    1. I figure reading lists work best if you cater them to what you want to anyway - sounds like you're halfway there :-)

  4. A de ace ago I wouldn't be caught dead making a list but now I am at loss without them. Shopping lists, to do lists, book lists , event lists. So many lists!

  5. glad to see you're 'listed' ! looking forward to this one and luv the worldwide participation from host in IE , me in CA and you in AU our selections are unique. HapPy reading :)

    1. OMG I've only just clocked that Cathy is Irish - now you point it out, the Ireland badges all over her blog are obvious!! Do'h.
      And cat in NZ :-)

      What an International challenge this is turnng out to be.

  6. I love lists too. On your list I've read the classics and Gone with the Wind - all enjoyable books. Enjoy your winter reading!

  7. Anonymous2/6/15

    Part A of my brain: You *never* stick to your lists.
    Part B: Oh, shush. It's three months and it'll be fun! Look at all the great books on this list. Aren't you excited?!
    Part A: You forgot Super Awesome Book that you bought last month.
    Part B: What?
    Part A: Super Awesome Book that you were dying to read. Last month.
    Part B: Well, I'm sure I have time to read it before I dip into the list...
    Part A: *is smug*

    Good Luck & Happy Reading!

  8. I love the sound of this challenge but hate to fail and have too much on to take part. Wish you lots of luck though!

  9. Anonymous4/6/15

    Life without a list is like cake without chocolate! Just popping in to say hi to a fellow challenger. I've only read two from your list - Emma and Watership Down, so looking forward to reading your reviews of the rest - or whatever else you end up reading instead!

    Have a great reading summer!

  10. I love book lists too and have added quite a few books to my TBR due to reading all the great book blogs like this one. Lists help me to feel a little more in control. Anything arranged in an orderly fashion does that for me, especially since it is such a huge accomplishment to get my messes in order. I also find great satisfaction in crossing things off a list. I think I will look into the 20 Books of Summer thing.

  11. Don't know if I'll take the time to create this list, simply because I'm already behind with the reading projects to which I've already committed! But I do love lists. I have been working to create more of them on my blog 'cause I think it sometimes helps others become acquainted with more books when they're listed in multiple listings...if that makes sense! :) I am unfamiliar with many on this list and will look forward to your reviews, as always! :) Happy reading and listing!


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