Tuesday 20 October 2015

Stories & Shout Outs #4

I'd rather be busy than bored, but I do feel like I'm constantly chasing my tail and never really getting anywhere.

In an attempt to gain a semblance of order in my chaotic life, it's time to write a Stories & Shout Out housekeeping post.

In real life October has been a month of family birthdays, HSC exams, hay fever and extra shifts at work.

Next weekend is the Cancer Council's 7 Bridges Walk which I plan to do for the first time in it's ten year history.

In blogger land October has been a month of reading thanks to Andi's #15in31 challenge.

I'm a chronic multiple book reader.
Every now and again I need a prompt to simply finish all the half-read books cluttering up my life. With 11 days still to go, I can proudly say that I have just finished reading book no. 12, although I'm rather behind in writing the subsequent reviews.

Maybe November will be my Month in Review!!

I attempted to join in Dewey's 24hr Readathon this weekend, but it clashed with my niece's 5th birthday party. The time difference meant that I was able to join in reading for the first hour and the last hour as it coincided with my usual read-before-sleep routine.
I was able to finish Geraldine Brook's The Secret Chord during this time - yay me!

I have also been working on Blog Ahead during October in an attempt to get organised for the Silly Season with some scheduled posts.
I currently have 6 scheduled posts for this blog and 3 scheduled posts on my Four Seasons blog.

The Classics Club announced their Women's Classics Literature challenge last week which I was all over like a rash with a quick sign up post followed by a lengthier list of women's lit books.

Looking ahead to November we have AusReading Month & my Fortunes of Richard Mahony readalong as well as Sophisticated Dorkiness et al's Non-Fiction November.

Personally, November features our wedding anniversary and one family birthday. The trial season for next year's soccer teams also starts in November....there go the weekends!

No wonder I feel tired!

But at least I now feel like I've got it all straight in my head.

How are your October plans panning out?


  1. Anonymous20/10/15

    Well done, 12 book in October with all the 'extracurricular' family activities!
    I planned to read only French in October ( 3 books) because I knew The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney will demand every waking hour in November.
    I keep picking up the book and am amazed by its girth! I hope to squeeze in one more small book in English this month and schedule it for mid November. #NoSugar and #NoCoffee is taking its toll. (headaches)

    1. No sugar and no coffee!! Yikes!

      We've both read Gone With the Wind this year already - so I think we can tackle Richard Mahony too :-)

  2. Ooo all of those half read books without reviews would be great for Blog Ahead posts :)

  3. Good luck in the 7 Bridges Walk. Sounds fun. I'm interested to hear if you liked The Secret Chord or your thoughts on it. October has gone by quickly. I'm looking forward nonfiction November and AussieRead month. I need to get a lot done first.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed The Secret Chord - Brooks is a magnificent storyteller.
      I'm holding the review for Nov and AusReading Month :-)


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