Sunday 15 November 2015

Green Nomads by Bob Brown

I confess that I began Green Nomads with a cynical attitude - why would anyone think they could publish a glossy coffee table book about their recent camping trip and expect people to buy it?

I could do that surely? All I had to do was raid my instagram account for all those sunsets, macro flowers and panoramas!

But of course, this particular camping book is not just by any old body interested in taking a few snaps of pretty things. It is by Bob Brown and his partner, Paul.

For those of you on the other side of the world, Bob Brown was a doctor, politician and the leader of the Greens Party from its inception to his retirement in 2012.

Brown's environmental activism is legendary and his practical, significant contribution to the cause continues to this day. If anyone has the right or kudos to produce a glossy book about the Australian environment, it is Bob Brown.

Once I got over myself and my cynical attitude, I quickly found that I was mesmerised by the beautiful places photographed by Bob and Paul.
They both have a lovely eye for colour and detail and some of their panoramic shots were breath-taking. They have the knack for seeing the simple, unique and peaceful nature of each environment they explored.

I also learnt about Bush Heritage Australia - an organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife and endangered habitats - that Brown helped to establish in 1990 in Tasmania. Starting with two forest blocks near Oura Oura in Tasmania, Bush Heritage Australia now owns and manages one million hectares of reclaimed land around Australia.

The aim of this book was for Bob and Paul to visit each of the properties now under the Bush Heritage umbrella. It took them three months to travel around Tasmania, through Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and NSW.

Many of the photos stopped me in my tracks with their glorious colours or natural serenity. Brown included a smattering of text to let us know where we were and what particular issues affected this area.

For the rest, he let the pictures tell the story.

Green Nomads is a story of respect, protection and naturalness.
It's also a timely tale of hope.

If you'd like to see a few more of the photos from the book (and not just my photo of a photo!), Brown has a website with some of them on display and available for purchase - here.


  1. Anonymous15/11/15

    Beautiful photo's of Australia!
    You're explanation and review is appreciated by 'those on the other side of the world' ! :)

  2. I would have been cynical too! The photos do look beautiful.

  3. Thank goodness to Bob setting up the greens party here in Tasmania. There would not be a tree left if not for this wo derful man and his friends and supporters. I used to see him often in a local cafe reading with his coffee or chatting to friends. He has been abused both for being green and gay in this state and arrested several times for his beliefs. The book is stunning. Thank you for reviewing his wonderful work.

    1. It really is a wonderful book Pam and a testament to all the good work that Bob has done for the Australian environment.
      Thank you for adding your local colour to this conversation :-)


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