Sunday 6 November 2016

A Murder Unmentioned by Sulari Gentill

Book 6 in Gentill's Rowland Sinclair Mystery series saw our favourite Bohemian characters tackling some old issues and old problems.

Eric Campbell of the New Guard was once again causing problems, Rowly was still getting over his brush with the Nazi's and trying to convince anyone who would listen about the evils that he had witnessed and the draining of the dam on the Sinclair home property at Yass, revealed the murder weapon that killed Rowly's father a decade before.

A Murder Unmentioned delves into dark family secrets and the problems that arise when these things aren't discussed openly.

I really enjoyed the character development in this book.

Rowly and his brother, Wilfred were given an intricate and complex backstory which allowed Gentill a chance to bring them closer together by the end of the story.

The usual amount of danger, nudity and romantic mishaps kept the pace racing along nicely. We even enjoyed, via Rowly, a tete-a-tete with future Prime Minister, Bob Menzies!

I love these cosy crimes.

Gentill has got the balance just right (to my mind) between historical fiction blurred with real life, humour and fascinating characters that you care about.
I'd love to see these books turned into a TV series - each book could be fleshed out into a couple of episodes each - Richard Roxburgh could make a great Rowly!

The books are now being release, one at a time, in the US through Poisoned Pen Press.
Gentill has also created a prequel that is available to download as an e-book only (see below).

Prequel - The Prodigal Son (e-book only - November 2016)
#1 A Few Right Thinking Men
#2 A Decline in Prophets
#3 Miles Off Course
#4 Paving the New Road
#5 Gentlemen Formerly Dressed
#6 A Murder Unmentioned
#7 Give the Devil His Due
#8 - due Sept 2017 -



  1. Thank you so much, Brona. But Richard Roxburgh? I adore him as Rake - he's brilliant... but Rowly is still in his 20s... Richard would make an excellent Wilfred, however. ;)



    1. I did have the same thought as you Sulari. But I'm rather out of the loop with the younger acting generation, RR was the first decent male actor of Rowly's stature of which I could think!! Actually Roxburgh would probably make a great Wilfred.

      Thank you so much for popping by. I was delighted to see you had written a prequel for us as well :-)

  2. Brona, Thanks so much for the information that these will be available through Poison Pen Press in the US. I had read the first one on Kindle, but I really prefer a real book. I am thrilled. A Decline in Prophets is another book I have to buy this year.

    1. Delighted to hear these books are travelling all round the world & finding some love there :-)


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