Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Week So Far...

This week is one of my favourite weeks in Sydney.

It's the Sydney Writer's Festival which means it's time for me to my get my #bookgeek on and revel in all things bookish, writing and words!

Things may be a bit quiet on here as a result.

Monday evening after work I went into the Sydney Theatre Company to watch a one woman play called Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. Dyad Productions seem to be a regular feature of the SWF now. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed their performance of Austen's Women.

This year's treat was a very personal look at one of my favourite classics. Viewed through a feminist lens we watch Jane grow into a determined, independent woman who knows her own mind and morals. Someone who is prepared to lose everything to stay true to herself, but who will also move heaven and earth to get what she wants.

We're enjoying a glorious autumn in Sydney this May, so my walk back to the ferry after the show was just lovely. The harbour was calm and balmy and the added bonus for me was the pre-Vivid preparations.

Seeing some of the lights without the crushing crowds suits me to a tee!

On Tuesday evening, after work, I headed into Walsh Bay again. This time it was for the Opening Party at Pier 2/3. I had lots of fun catching up with friends in the book industry and rubbing shoulders with authors and media personalities.

This time the pre-Vivid lights were playing on the MCA as well.

Thursday is my day off work and I'm about to head in for a few talks, including one with Kate Grenville and another with Nadja Speigleman. I also plan to go to the 'meet the winners' session for this year's NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

This week always over-stimulates me. I bubble along on a bookish high, my mind racing along at a thousand miles an hour...until i crash and burn on Sunday night!

I'm trying to pace myself better this year.

If you're coming to Sydney for any of the events this year, please PM on twitter if you'd like to meet up for a coffee between sessions.

Happy reading!


  1. Fabulous photos and hope you continue to have a wonderful week!

  2. I have only 2 words: jealous!
    Keep us posted with updates!

  3. Your week sounds great. Sadly I'm not making it to any sessions this year, and am working all weekend, so won't get to the broadcast in Bathurst either. :-( You'll have to enjoy it even more for those of us who can't attend.

    1. I believe that Mudgee is also doing a SWF broadcast...not sure which days though.


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