Monday 19 June 2017

Words, Words, Words

Have you ever been lost for words?

I'm in the middle of (although hopefully coming to the end of) a blue funk with words.
I've got nothing to say.

But I have been reading.
And walking - a lot.

When the words do come back you can expect a flood of catch up posts!

For now, though, I'm still searching for my centre, my reason and my motivation.

This bleak, grey, dismal June is almost over.
The winter solstice is almost upon us.
 And slowly but surely the days will once again lengthen and the sun will come out.


  1. This feeling will pass. are a blogging legend!
    The harder they fall the higher they bounce!
    #Relax #Hibernate

  2. Suggestion: blogpost where you put all your links to previous posts about Aussie Lit Prizes and 50 Aussie must reads! #FunTask
    I'm always searching in your blog for books for #AusReadingMonth.


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