Thursday 3 August 2017

Stories & Shout Outs #12

It's time for me to catch up on what's going on in bloggerland. I'm slowly coming out of my blogging malaise. Strategically ignoring all the unwritten book responses lined up next to my computer is part of the plan! While checking out what the rest of you are up to is a lovely diversion.

I was relieved to see, when I read Cleo's @Classical Carousel recent post here, that I'm not the only one struggling to keep up with the pace of life this year.

I was gutted to realise that I had somehow missed Cirtnecce's The Shadow of the Moon readalong last month. I joined in her The Home and the World readalong previously and learnt sooooooo much about Indian history, that I would have loved to have been a part of this one too. C'est la vie! I'm sure she will understand, though, as her most recent post is also all about her recent blogging hiatus.

In case you've missed the glorious news, Austen in August with Adam @Roof Beam Reader is back for its fifth wonderful year of all things Jane. #AusteninAugustRBR

Over the years I have had LOTS of fun joining in this event - even the years where I didn't get much reading done. I've always enjoyed seeing what everyone else was up to and feeling like a was part of the Jane-ite community.

In past #AusteninAugust's I have posted about the 

If you can fit it into your schedule, Adam is hosting a Northanger Abbey readalong this year or you can simply read whatever Jane related material you might have to hand.

There's also a #JAusteninAugust Instagram challenge with Sharon @Faith Hope Cherrytree. My first entry is below.

Tamara @Thyme for Tea now has her final #Paris in July post up. I actually managed to get two posts written this year, but I'm looking forward to checking out what everyone else got up to.

My leisurely reread of #HLOTRreadlong2017 is still coming along nicely. There will hopefully be an update post over the weekend (fingers and Hobbit toes crossed)!

Earlier on I spotted this great idea by Melwyk @The Indextrious Reader about taking a road trip with Canadian books. I have been playing around with a similar idea for AusReadingMonth for several years now. A book from every state perhaps? Or follow Highway One around the coast of Australia?

The way I have been feeling lately, I was actually thinking of ditching AusReadingMonth this year. But re-finding Melwyk's post has sparked a little flame of desire to run with it again, but in a different format?

But for now, it's time to see what Lady Susan is up to. I had forgotten how salacious this story is! JA must have been one hell of a teenager! I wonder if she ever read Les Liaisons Dangereuses - she would have only been seven when it was first published?

P.S. Mr Books and I had our very first session in a float therapy room today. It was magic. I feel as calm and centred as I think I've ever felt!

P.P.S Please forgive the late edition to this post, but Jillian has just put me onto sci-fi/fantasy Australian blogger Aentee @Read At Midnight. Aentee is running a fabulous reading challenge, called #TheReadingQuest.

Designed as a game with XP points, levels and special characters, you’ll read new stories, gain experience, and level up a character of your choosing.

This challenge is not just for sci-fi/fantasy fans. All books and genres are encouraged, combining reading events is allowed while diversity is celebrated with bonus points.

It looks like a lot of fun. I haven't seen anything like it before.
Check it out :-)


  1. ROAD TRIP !! This sounds like a great travel around Australia!
    I'd even prefer a 'year' reading about Aussie than just one month!

    1. I was thinking of a year long one that featured all the states & territories & a capital city or 2. Just have to organise myself & get motivated (the hard part right now!)

  2. I'm glad you're coming up out of the malaise! I'm just having a massive catch-up as I've lost touch with my blog reading for about three days and that's all it takes ...

    1. I hear you!
      I had over a week of not looking at my feedly page - the number of unread blog posts was overwhelming!

  3. Wow you have a lot going on. I am participating in Austen in August again this year but never seem to get up an intro post. I just finished my first review: Longbourn


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