Sunday 15 October 2017

#AusReadingMonth - Q&A

It's time to let everyone know that #AusReadingMonth is fast approaching.

Many of you may have Aussie authors and Aussie books on your TBR piles, but some of you may need to visit the library, bookshop or plan your Netgalley reading to include a book from Australia in your November reading plans.

To give you plenty of time to get ready (& get excited) I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a question and answer post to find out what your plans are for #AusReadingMonth and what you know about Australia?

If you're thinking of joining in, or even just hoping to join, post your Q&A responses between now and November.
Pop back here to add your post to the linky.
Then spread the Aussie spirit by tweeting, commenting and sharing as much as you can.

1. Tell us about the Australian books you've loved and read so far.

2. When you think of Australia, what are the first five things that pop into your mind?

3. Have you ever visited Australia? Or thought about it? 
What are the pro's and con's about travelling to/in Australia for you?
What are/were your impressions? 

4. If you have been or plan to visit, where will you be heading first?
If you already live in this big, beautiful land, tell us a little about where you are, what you love (or not) about it and where you like to holiday (or would like to visit) in Australia.

5. Do you have a favourite Australian author/s or book/s?
Tell us about him/her/it.

6. Which Aussie books are on your TBR pile/wishlist?

7. Which book/s do you hope to read for #AusReadingMonth?

8. It came to my attention recently (when I posted a snake photo on Instagram) that our overseas friends view Australia as a land full of big, bad, deadly animals.
Can you name five of them?
What about five of our cuter more unique creatures?
(For the locals, which five animals from each category have you had an up close and personal with)?

9. Can you name our current Prime Minister (plus four more from memory)? 
No googling allowed!

10. Did you know that Australians have a weird thing for BIG statues of bizarre animals and things?
Can you name five of them?

Flyby Night
If time is of the essence, one book from the BINGO card may be the prefect option for you.
A quick getaway is better than none!

With their compact swags, backpackers need to travel light.
If this is you, simply select one line (horizontal, vertical of even diagonal) on the BINGO card and read three books about our country.

Grey Nomads 
If you have more time up your sleeve join the grey nomads in their self-contained campervans as you travel around this big, brown land of ours. 
With every crossroad on the map, there's a choice to be made; you cannot do it all, so select two lines on the BINGO card to be eligible for Grey Nomad status.

The Whole Hog
If you're feeling a little touched by the sun, then the Whole Hog may be for you.
Read NINE books this November from all of the 8 states and territories plus one freebie.
The FREEBIE can be any book by an Australian author or a book written by an overseas author but set entirely in Australia.

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Some of you might like to take advantage of next weekend's Dewey's 24hr Readathon to get a head start on your #AusReadingMonth books (I know I will be!)
The readathon is celebrating 10 fantabulous years this October while #AusReadingMonth is celebrating 5 amazing years of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Also hitting the 5 year mark is my other favourite thing to do in November - Non-Fiction November.

Why not combine all 3 and read a fabulous non-fiction Australian title for the 24hr Readathon!


  1. I don't know enough about Australia and its authors to answer the questions but I am looking forward to reading Ladies of Missalonghi with you at the start of the month!

    1. I'm so excited to reread The Ladies of Missalonghi with company this time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ­čśŐ

  2. I'm in. I have a post answering the questions as well as I can ready to post on November 1 and I have a book on the way from interlibrary loan.

    1. Yay! Can't wait to read your response & see what you found to read.
      I just have to catch up on my sleep after readathon to get my AusReading mojo back ��....

  3. Hi Brona, just letting you know I'll be joining in with the reading challenge again this year. Looking forward to it!

    1. Delighted to have you with us again Carol. What will you be reading this year?

    2. Murder Unmentioned by Sulari Gentill -I'm slowly working my way through them. Probably another if I get time.

    3. I'm now up to date with this series & have to wait until next year for the next! At least I now know that Sulari is planning to write lots more books to bring us (& Rowly) to the end of WWII.


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