Wednesday, 20 December 2017

First Book of the Year 2018

Shelia @Book Journey is hosting her lovely, lovely First Book of the Year meme for the 5th year. Details on how to participate are on her page - don't leave it to the last minute - make your first book of 2018 count - make it special - and send Shelia your pic!

I've been joining in for three years now.

It's easy and fun and a such a nice book-bloggerish way to start the new reading year.

2015 saw me holidaying on the North Coast of NSW and reading Coco Chanel on the beach.

2016 I was visiting family in Mornington, Victoria and started the year with Elena Ferrante...on the beach again.

2017 NYD was spent in Sydney for the first time in years. 
I was working the whole time (except for public holidays) but getting ready for our big trip to Cuba and Mexico, hence Our Man in Havana (& finishing off Salt Creek).

What will you be reading on New Year's Day?


  1. Oh gosh you're organised thinking about this already... I don't know what I'll be reading tomorrow! (Although chances are I won't have finished my current book) I'm looking forward to your choice though.

    1. This year it’s easy Louise - we both know exactly what we’ll be reading on the first day given that we’ve both joined up for the same year-long chapter a day readalong in 2018 ­čśë

  2. I haven't decided yet what I'll be reading and I'm afraid I'll probably be running around at the last minute figure out what I want to read. Haha.. Can't wait to do this again and looking forward to what everyone is reading.

  3. To be honest, I'll be trying to finish The Last CHronicle of Barset. I've been reading it for awhile, but Xmas reading interfered with my pace. It should be my last book of 2017, but will likely be my first of 2018

  4. I'm planning for it to be Iris Murdoch's "The Sandcastle" so I can get my review in nice and on time this coming month!


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