Monday 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

To all my wonderful readers, 
thank you for your kind, thoughtful comments over the year.

This blog has evolved into a way for me to keep track of my reading journey.
I'm delighted that I can share the journey with so many like-minded bookish folk.

I hope this holiday finds you with loved ones, in good health.

I'm celebrating Christmas in Mornington, Victoria.
We're missing two of our brightest stars this year, but they would not want us to be glum, so we will make the most of our time together and honour their memories.

We have plans for walking along the beach and lazing by the pool.
A big, extended family lunch will be followed by a quieter slide night at home, with old family photos.

Where are you be spending the Christmas period this year?

Whatever you do today, however you celebrate or spend this time, I hope it finds you with the ones you love or remembering the ones you have loved.

Seasons Greetings from sunny, warm Australia.


  1. Merry Christmas, Brona.

    It's still Christmas Eve here - we'll be spending Christmas Day and Boxing day with our son and his family in Scotland. A bit colder and wetter than where you are! Have a great time. Margaret

    1. Not by much Margaret! A cool change blew in last night & it was only 16 degrees C when we woke up!

      I hope you have a lovely time in Scotland.

  2. Here in Austin, TX we also have sunny skies for Christmas although it is a bit chilly. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

    1. Merry Christmas from Victoria to Texas! Hope you’re day is full of good times with the ones you love.

  3. Merry Christmas, Brona - all the best for a joyous 2018.

  4. I think it’s ate my comment! Ok, so if it duplicates please feel free to delete!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from me in North Florida, US. It’s 4C with a light wind, just enough for a jacket. No snow.
    I’m planning out,y book blogging strategy again, going back to my journal style ll reviewing. It’s certainly a time to change things out.

    I hope you have a good holiday and I will be sure to comment more in the upcoming year rather than read a post and move on. I have enjoyed your blog very much.

    1. Thanks for your kind words & Seasons Greetings to you in Florida.

      My blog has had so many evolutions & makeovers during its 8 yr history. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of the journey ­čśŐ

      Its 30+ degrees today - a day of lazing by the pool reading. Hope you’re enjoying your post Boxing Day day as well ☀️

  5. Merry Christmas from Southern California, where it's not summer, but we can still go out in sweaters. : D

  6. Merry Christmas from Washington State. We had snow this morning when we woke up...a White Christmas!

    1. A white Christmas!! Wahoo! I’ve always dreamed of a white Chrissy, it sounds so romantic & cosy.

      But it might be a bit hard to laze poolside with a book and a beer in that weather!


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