Thursday 23 August 2018

One of those days....

I'm having one of those days, when I WANT to write, but have done everything possible to make it NOT happen.

I started two posts (another JA on the screen post & another CBCA post) early this morning but neither were working so I cleaned the kitchen instead - top to bottom - the silver is gleaming, the splashbacks are sparkling and all that crappy stuff (a broken magnet from the fridge, dead batteries, dust gathering mini-candle holders (used once) & some kind of screw/hook thingy) that were cluttering up the edges - GONE! With bonus points for emptying the food & rubbish bins as well.

Which made me realise I needed to do a grocery shop that included a tour down the cleaning aisle, via a stop at my favourite cafe on the way. A load of washing, a few chapters of my book over lunch, followed by cleaning out the kettle and sorting out the wine & shoe cupboard (a new delivery (of wine not shoes) arrived yesterday).

I sat down to write again, but got distracted by emails and online banking before deciding to clean up the apps on my phone. The whole time, with one ear tuned to the radio to hear if anything else was happening with the leadership challenge (groan) happening in Canberra.

Enough was enough, so I swept the front porch and watered the garden and pot plants.

And guess what?

I still WANT to write, but what to write?

Isn't it awful to have the desire, but not the creative flow.
To be willing and able, but not inspired.

What to do?

Publish this.
Shut down the keyboard once again.
Hit the pavement.
Get some fresh air.
Smell the roses (or the new spring blossoms at least).
Get moving.
Try again later.

What do you do when you want to write but the muse goes missing?


  1. What to do when the inspiration inkwell has suddenly dried up?
    My solution was to keep a draft post and I called it Reading Journal 23-29 August (for example).
    I put a great image at the I enjoy starring at...and start the post with:
    What a night! ( 'sleeping on the floor' experiment)
    ...then I just let my thoughts go! The key is these thoughts are only for you. No one is going to see them so it gives you the freedom to rant...dream...analyse per chance on anything. Once I note which books I'm reading I find myself writing about a quote that really hit me or how zawful the book is.
    In the end ....there will always be a few gems in the writing. When I discover them ....I just copy-paste to a real blogpost and extend my thoughts is a more organized way. It works for me. I've been keeping the journal since March and when I re-read them all...I have tons of info I can use for a year end wrap-up post! Why do I think a journal will help? It lets you write without 'overthinking' ...just let your thoughts flow again! Remember my motto #NeverGiveUp

    1. That's a good idea - thanks Nancy. I used to keep a private journal & I miss writing/ranting in that, knowing that no one would ever read it. There was something about writing long form that I enjoyed too. It seemed to work a different side of my brain, or use different pathways within my brain, than typing.

      As always, thanks for the encouragement :-)

  2. I do what you just did; write about bits of my life and somehow it turns into a blog post. I love reading that kind of post. Obviously, I want to read about books and book reviews, and that is what many of the blogs I read focus on, but I do enjoy seeing a bit of the person behind the blog and that is what posts like this do. So, you may feel your muse has flown but I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. I was hoping someone would notice that that is exactly what I did - thanks Jen :-)
      I don't feel that my life is exciting enough to write often about me, but it is nice to put a personal post out there every now and again. Like you, I enjoy getting to know my favourite bloggers a little better.

      Thanks for popping by and saying so.

  3. That's it. You just keep writing and see what happens. Of course, I'm 67 and never wrote at all until 3 or 4 years ago so what would I know. I was visiting family/friends/mentors last weekend and came to the conclusion I couldn't write until my father died and (therefore!) couldn't read me - now you know as much as my therapist does. Now I can't stop writing. Stop there, you've said too much already.

    1. Fear of being read, by real people, kept me away from writing for a long time too, although I had no one specific person in mind. I'm always amazed by how our relationships with our parents (& siblings) informs the rest of our lives, no matter how much you've worked on it or thought you had let the dust settle. Writing stuff down really does help though. I've written stream-of-consciousness style journals over the years, that will NEVER be read by anyone just to help me sort through stuff. It did help. It does help. Don't stop!

  4. It happens all the time. Inspiration is not always there. I think you managed quite well nevertheless! Keep going, another day will be full of inspiration.

    1. Thanks Lisbeth - the on-line support has been very heartening ­čĺť


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