Saturday 15 June 2019

Stories & Shout Outs #24

I Am Reading:
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (readalong)
  • Blakwork by Alison Whittaker (poetry)
  • Circe by Madeline Miller (20booksofsummerwinter)
  • Strong in the Rain: Surviving Japan's Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster By Lucy Birmingham & David McNeill (drop in)

Read But Not Reviewed:
  • Mika & Max by Laura Bloom

Goodreads Reviews of Kids Books:

My Week:

Despite the shorter long weekend Monday week, this week still felt like a full working week (i.e. trying to squeeze too many things into too short a time!)
However one of the nice things that got squeezed in on Wednesday night was a harbour cruise around the Vivid Sydney lights.

On My Radar:
  • Paris in July (yippee! I have a couple of Maigret's, some more Guy de Maupassant short stories & a memoir by Herve le Tellier called All Happy Families to look forward to this July).
  • Summer Winter Reverse Readathon (8pm Friday 2nd August to 3rd August at 8pm, Eastern Standard Time - which means I will be reading in Sydney from 10am Saturday 3rd August until 10am Sunday 4th August)
  • Moby Dick Readalong (August+)

Keeping An Eye On:
  • Chernobyl - we've started recording it as our next series to get into now that Game of Thrones is done and dusted. The hard part will be making time to, you know, actually watch it!
  • The weather - we have a lunchtime beachside wedding to attend tomorrow - how many layers will I need to feel warm enough and still look glamorous!?

Strange, But True:
  • In Sydney people think it's a grand idea to have a beachside wedding in winter!

New To The Pile:
  • Figuring by Maria Popova
  • Ordinary People by Diana Evans
  • Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson
  • The Heavens by Sandra Newman
  • The Electric Hotel by Dominic Smith
  • We Must Be Brave by Frances Liardet
  • No Friend But the Mountain by Behrouz Boochani
  • Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh
  • Imperium by Robert Harris
  • The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey

Shout Outs:
  • FanFiction has taken a wander around her TBR pile and created a post that is inspiring other bloggers to do the same (I suspect I will soon join the ranks!)
  • The copycats so far:
  • Books Please 
  • Booker Talk
  • NancyElin


  1. In my (humble) opinion: It is the highest discrimination that women can't wear a warm singlet under their fancy dresses. But a long tailored overcoat and high boots are both warm and glamorous. It kills me I only get to wear my overcoat once or twice a year.

    1. I've been trying to work out how to wear a mere slip of slip as an extra layer, but if the weather is anything like today - glorious, barely winterish sunshine, I'll be okay with what I have planned.

      I looked at some stylish winter coats, but the cost felt rather prohibitive especially for an item of clothing that would get so little wear in Sydney. If I'm being really honest Bill, our Sydney winters are not that harsh for a girl born and raised in country NSW (where it does get properly cold)!

  2. Beach wedding? Here on the Norht Sea...the bride's veil doesn'stand a chance!
    Seagulls will swoop down to harass the wedding party looking for a scrap of food etc.
    The lull of the sea will be drowned out by the boom...boom in the distance. Joint Strike Fighters (F-35) visiting van USA are practice bombing with our Dutch boys on a secluded coast of the lovely island of Vlieland (see: Google maps). So enjoy your peaceful surroudings during the ceremony!
    Books: Boochani was a very hard read...skim if necessary to get through it.
    TBR: good is a perfect rainy day to organize the book 'to read' and make yet again another empty promise 'embargo buying new books'!
    Chernobyl: I remember the day it happened...Europe saw a radioactive cloud was something out of Nevil Shute! I must see this series!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out - sorry I'm so late! I'm all behind like the cow's tail at the moment! A beach wedding in winter here in Scotland would require the bride to wear one of those foil blankets they give to hypothermia victims... mind you, it wouldn't be much better in summer... ­čśë

  4. Yes, finally Paris in July again. I am joining as well. A Maigret read is not a bad idea.
    I just watched Chernobyl. Very good but depressing.

  5. I'd forgotten about Paris in July! How? It's been too long since my last visit... Five years and counting... Thanks for sorting out the time zones for Dewey's too, I was thinking I couldn't join in, but maybe I can.

  6. I'm hoping to read my first Maigret, I've heard good things!

  7. After all the global lockdown time we've put in, I think Paris in July will be more welcome than ever this year!

    be well... mae at


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