Wednesday 18 September 2019

CC Spin #21

Can you believe this is our 21st CC Spin?
And that I have participated in ALL 21.

Now that we have come of age, I'm going to mix this spin up a little.

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The rules are easy: compile your list of 20 books by Monday - the 23rd September.

On that day a number will be randomly selected.
That's the book you read.

You have until the 31st October 2019 to finish your book and review it.

Join in the fun by visiting the other players and commenting on their lists.
It's a great way to meet like-minded bloggers and explode your TBR classics wishlist!

CC Spin #21.

It was very tempting to simply write Moby-Dick for all 20 positions, since I have just started a slow read of this MAMMOTH classic. But our end date is not until February 2020.

So, I've decided to make this particular Spin help me with my plans for #AusReadingMonth in November instead.

I have a whole stack of classic Australian stories saved on my iPad. Most are now out of print and/or unavailable to purchase elsewhere. I prefer to read real books, but I make an exception for classics when I cannot source the real thing. Not all of the books below are on my Spin List: Take 2, but they are on Spin List: The Rest, so it's only a little cheat.

If you're thinking of joining in #AusReadingMonth and wondering what to read, you can find all of these books on either Project Gutenberg or Project Gutenberg Australia.

Welcome to my ALL Australian CC Spin!

  1. The Penance of Portia James by Tasma 
  2. 1788 by Watkin Tench
  3. Down in the World by Mary Gaunt
  4. Coonaroo by Katharine Susannah Prichard
  5. The Wonder Child: An Australian Story by Ethel Turner
  6. Mr Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  7. An Australian Lassie by Lilian Turner              
  8. An Australian Girl by Catherine Martin
  9. The Cardboard Crown by Martin Boyd
  10. A Humble Enterprise by Ada Cambridge
  11. A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  12. We of the Never-Never by Jeannie Gunn
  13. The Romance of a Station by Rosa Praed
  14. The Pioneers by Katharine Susannah Prichard
  15. Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill by Tasma            
  16. The Retrospect by Ada Cambridge
  17. A Woman's Experiences in the Great War by Louise Mack
  18. Maurice Guest by Henry Handel Richardson               
  19. The Perversity of Human Nature by Ada Cambridge
  20. On the Wallaby Through Victoria by Elinor Mordaunt

My Previous 20 Spin Results:

Happy Spinning!


  1. What a great list! I own about half of them in paper copies. My favourite is probably An Australian Girl. I would love to read 1,10, 13, 16, 20. So why don't I! I guess they're available to download from the AWWC website.

    1. I'm keen to read all of these books Bill & actually hope to read a handful of them for AusReadingMonth. Your list of Gen I, II & III classic AWW was a huge help.

  2. Very cool! Fun and educational, too... ;-) And if they're on a Project Gutenberg site all the better. I'm definitely looking forward to your results from this.

    (I've read exactly zero of these.)

    1. I think I may have read We of the Never-Never when I was younger (or maybe I saw a movie/TV series?) butu I can't remember much about it, but many of the rest are unknown to me too. So many Australian Women Writers were left behind, their writing considered less or not as good as the men of the time, but there is a little renaissance happening in Australia recently to rectify that situation.

      I'm hoping this goes someway to helping out :-)

  3. Well somehow I missed the announcement of The Aus reading month. I was intending to go freefsll for the rest of the year rather than Jain any more projects etc. But this is so tempting....

    1. Ohh I hope you can join us - it's a very relaxed month, you can join in as much or as little suits you :-)

  4. Oh dear. I. have. never. heard. of. any. of. these. books. What does that say about me? Oh my.

    1. The same as most Australians Deb!
      I've collected together a list of mostly lesser known stories compiled with help from Bill's fabulous Australian Women Writers lists on his blog combined with which ones are actually available on Project Gutenberg.

  5. This is fantastic, Brona! I love that you're doing the Spin this way. I will read something for Aus Reading Month for the first time. Not sure what, yet. Good luck on the spin <3

    1. Thanks Laurie, most of these stories are relatively short, so I'm hoping to read several of them for November.

      And I'd love to have your company for AusReadingMonth :-)

  6. I'm not familiar with any of these. Hope you get a good one.

    1. I've heard about all of these authors, but almost nothing about most of their books. They are not well-known classics (except for 1788 & We of the Never-Never)...and in fact I won't even know if I would consider them classics until I read them! Will they have universal themes that transcend time and place? Or will they simply be a pleasant romp back into ye olde worlde Australia?

  7. Investigated the first generation Aus Female writers on the list....
    You have a few good historical fictions (1788 by Watkin Tench) as well!
    I read Louise Mak's was fun to see the difference between
    female war correspondent WW I and in the 21st C, Marie Colvin killed in Syris Feb 2012.
    (Read: In Extremis: The Life and Death of M. Colvin by Lindsey Hilsum)
    I haven't decided is I will 'spin' this time...still thinking about it!

  8. Congrats on participating in all 21 spins!! I know maybe only 1 Australian classic, what a shame: Patrick White. Looking forward to reading your reviews to discover these classics

  9. I'm so glad that you mentioned that these books aren't well known classics, I was beginning to get worried as I've not heard of any of them.

  10. Skipping SPIN this just is one thing I cannot
    squeeze in a filled to-do-list in Occtober Just want to get
    back on my feet asap. Are you pleased wit nr 5 on your list?

    1. I'm delighted to read another Ethel Turner story. I hadn't realised she had written adult stories as well as her very famous children's book, Seven Little Australians until recently. I've now read In the Mist of the Mountains and The Story of a Baby (which is curiously one of my heavily spammed posts?!), so keen to try one more.

    2. Oke, I have been hesitant to start some first generation
      female writers...afraid they will feel very outdated...but I could be wrong!
      Looking forward to your reviews.


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