Saturday 25 April 2020

Dewey's Readathon

What could be better on another Covid-19 lockdown weekend than a
Dewey's 24hr Readathon!

Our world may be different, but here the rules are the same - very relaxed and easy.
Join in as little or as much as you like. 
Read for all 24 hours or read as much as you can, when you can.
Tweet, insta, blog, hashtag or not. It's up to you how much you join in.
Whichever path you take, you'll find a supportive, fun group of bookish friends, cheering you on.

Any Australian readathoner's who'd like to keep in touch, especially during the long dark-night time of the northern hemisphere (ie our Sunday afternoon) when it feels like we're reading all alone, use the #readathonanz tag on twitter and say 'hi'.

This will be my one and only Readathon post.

All book updates, memes or Q&A's will be added below.
Scroll down to find the bits you're most interested in.

I will check in on Twitter for real time updates and chats around the top of each hour that I am awake and/or in reading mode.

Opening Meme

Where Are You Reading?

From the end of week 4 in lockdown in Sydney, Australia

What Do You Hope To Read?

I'd like to finish my #Zoladdiction choice The Conquest of Plassans.
The rest will be a bonus.

Who Am I?

My name is Bronwyn and I'm a bookseller & children's book specialist, based in Sydney.
(My eldest nephew started calling me Brona when he learnt to talk. The nickname has stuck.)

I've been blogging for nearly 11 years and a regular readathon participant for 8.

My Readathon Plans?

Readathon starts at 10 pm EST, Sydney.
Therefore most of my readathon will actually occur on Sunday 26th April.
I plan to read for a couple of hours in bed, or until my eyes won't stay open any longer!
Serious readathon reading will recommence at breakfast time.

The weather forecast for Sunday is a glorious autumnal 27℃ day.

I plan to check into social media for about 10 mins at the top of every hour.

I will join in memes and updates as I can.


I'm not a really a snacky kind of person, but I do a few Easter eggs left over that may be history by the end of this readathon!

Lessons Learnt?

I'm determined not to spend too much time on social media this year.
Part of what I love about this event, is the community, but I do have to remember to read some actual books as well!

You can find me on twitter with Team ANZ at #ReadathonANZ

Starting Pages:

The Conquest of the Plassans - pg 141
Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line - pg 164
The Gravity of Us - pg 96


10pm - midnight
Cleaned up the kitchen after enjoying a Spanish tapas & games nights with the boys & GF.
Read one chapter of Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line.

Midnight - 9am

9am - 10am
Breakfast & caught up on the blogging world.
Have been REALLY enjoying Karen @Booker Talk's A-Z of Book Blogging tips this month.
I really recommend you take the time to read through them at your leisure.

10am - 11:30am
Morning walk
A sunny 24℃ day - perfect

11:30am - 1pm
30 pgs of The Conquest of the Plassans

1pm - 3pm
20 pgs of The Conquest of the Plassans

3pm - 5pm
22 pgs of  The Conquest of the Plassans
Afternoon snooze

5pm - 7pm
38 pgs of  The Conquest of the Plassans

7pm - 8pm
10 pgs of  The Conquest of the Plassans

8pm - 10pm
40 pgs of  The Conquest of the Plassans - FINISHED
30 pgs of Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line


  1. Greetings from Wales where its lovely and warm but nowhere near 27degrees. I had intentions of joining the ZolaAddiction month but was too ambitious with other reading commitments......Will look forward to hearing what you think of your choice


    1. Yes! Your a-z tips for the month of April must have taken a huge amount of organising and preparation. You must be exhausted. But hopefully you found it worth all the effort. I certainly found many of your tips useful or a good reminder to pick up on things I had let slide.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend in Wales :-)


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