Sunday 14 June 2020

Housekeeping - Blogger

Photo by Mimi Garcia on Unsplash

Behind the scenes, Blogger has been slowly modernising and updating.

The changes have been gadually eked out over the past year.

I first noticed that the stats page was set up differently last year some time.
Then earlier this year, the comments moderation area was updated.
Now the posting template has been modernised.

I seriously hope this means they will also look at making commenting easier for non-Blogger users, and for those who prefer not to use a google browser, especially when trying to comment from a smart phone. A like button for visitors to register their visit/interest would be nice too. 

The commenting options within Blogger currently allows for a pop-up box which is unable to use thread commenting, or in-post commenting system that allows for threaded comments (which I prefer). Both options are prone to spammers, the only solution being to adopt stringent moderation procedures.

Sadly, I've noticed a pattern that whenever I leave a link on an InLinkz linky, I suddenly get inundated with spam comments (which is what has just happened after leaving my link on 20 Books of Summer). Some are anonymous and some come from accounts with 'proper' names. It's frustrating that so many spammers can leave comments on my blog with such ease, but the people I'd really like to hear from, cannot.

The new post tab on my home screen still take me to the old style template for writing up a post, with all the old familiar icons in the places I know where to find them.

To use the new posting template, I have to go to the dashboard area. 

It's a bigger, cleaner looking template, but different icons have been used and everything is placed in different locations. I don't mind it; in fact I think I will come to really like it, once I've used it more. It's just that I have 10 years with the other format.

A few tips and hints:
  • To create a new post in the new template is now a + symbol in an orange circle down the bottom right hand side of the screen. 
  • The preview icon is a rather scary 1984 eye symbol.
  • To clear formatting, use quote format or to use strikethrough, click on the 3 vertical dots on the right hand side of the toolbar.
  • A new 'insert video' icon is available. 
  • A number of new paragraphing options are available.
  • It appears that the old html option has been replaced by 'format as code', but I haven't needed to explore this yet. 
  • Labels are found in the right hand column. Type in the ones you want (one at at time) and tick the box. Or scroll down to find the ones you want.
  • You still have to check the 'allow comments' box in Options otherwise your page will be published with no commenting button.
  • If you need to update a published post BE VERY CAREFUL to hit the UPDATE button and not the REVERT TO DRAFT icon. The icons are VERY similar. It's a mistake you'll only want to make once!

It would have been nice if Blogger had petitioned or surveyed it's users to ask for feedback, but so far the changes are fine. Blogger has felt like the forgotten child for too long, so signs of life behind the scenes are welcome and encouraging - someone in google is actually paying attention and values this platform after all!

Having used both wordpress and blogger, they both have their good points and flaws. Adding images and clearing formatting on wordpress is very hard to do properly. The number of times I've posted wordpress posts with weird line spacing and gaps around images that I cannot remove no matter how much I play with the html code frustrates me no end. I so often post without using any images at all to save me the hassle.

I had been thinking about moving platforms again recently and was almost ready to sacrifice 11 yrs worth of hyperlinks, when the most recent changes in Blogger appeared. So I will stick around for now to see what else gets modernised. I may even be tempted to refresh my heading template and layout.

In the current climate, a change is as good as a holiday right?


  1. I wish they’d get a move on and improve the commenting function too- I’d be more inclined to follow Blogger sites if they did. Honestly I think Blogger is desperately trying to contend with the newish platform called WIK which is taking some of their market.

    1. I tried googling Wik and all I could find was an Australian court decision from the 90's to do with native title. Is it a new blogging platform?


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