Sunday 1 November 2020

AusReading Month 2020 Master Post

Welcome to AusReading Month 2020!

Now in it's eighth year, AusReading Month is all about reading and talking about Australian literature.

Join is as much or as little as you can. There is no pressure or expectation for participation. All we want is to spread the love about Australian stories. Share your reviews, check out what other people are reading or join in with some of the options below. It's up to you!

This year we have four ways for you to share your love of Australian literature.

1. Celebration is all about what you've read this year.
  • Simply list, collage and/or discuss the Australian books you've read since last AusReading Month. 
  • Tell us who you are and where you are in the world. 
  • What were your favourites Australian books or authors this past year? 
  • Did you favour a certain genre or author this year? 
  • Which ones do you recommend? 
2. The second part is all about the Anticipation.
  • What do you hope/plan to read for AusReadingMonth 2020 and into the following year. 
  • What's lurking on your TBR pile? 
  • How do you find out about Australian books? 
  • Which new releases have caught your eye?
3. Promotion.
  • This is your chance to shout-out your favourite book event, bookshop, or blogger that features Australian books. You can also promote a publisher or author website that has caught your eye this year.
  • During this 'unprecedented' year, our usual way of hearing about new books by attending events at our favourite bookshops or literary festivals has changed. How have you found out about new online book events featuring Australian authors and books? 
  • Which ones stood out?
You can create three separate weekly posts during November - Celebration, Anticipation and Promotion - or you can combine them all into one. Whichever works best for you.

4. AusReading Month Bingo.
  • Pick as many books as you like, or just one, to see you on your way. 
  • Your book can be set in the state of your choice, or the author can hail from the state of your choice. 
  • All book types are acceptable - novels, non-fiction, graphic novels, children's books, travel books, cook books, poetry, gardening books, art and design. 
  • Simply blog about it and match it to a square on the Bingo card.
  • Retrospective Bingo posts are most welcome.

Flyby Night
  • If time is of the essence, one book from the BINGO card may be the prefect option for you.
  • A quick getaway is better than none!
  • With their compact swags, backpackers need to travel light.
  • If this is you, simply select one line (horizontal, vertical of even diagonal) on the BINGO card and read three books about Australia.
Grey Nomad
  • If you have more time up your sleeve, then join the grey nomads in their self-contained campervans and travel around this big, brown land of ours.
  • With every crossroad on the map, there's a choice to be made; you cannot do it all, so select two lines on the BINGO card to be eligible for Grey Nomad status.
The Whole Hog
  • If you're feeling a little touched by the sun, then the Whole Hog may be for you.
  • Read NINE books this November from all of the 8 states and territories plus one freebie.
  • The FREEBIE can be any book by an Australian author or a book written by an overseas author but set entirely in Australia.

Use the Linky below to add any reviews or joining in posts. 

Happy AusReading Month!


  1. I'm planning on reading something for Australia Reading Month, but I have no idea what yet. I should do an organizing post like your last one with so many great challenges this month. I had no idea Elizabeth von Arnim was born in Australia until I saw that. Hmmm....

    1. Elizabeth spent the first 3 yrs of her life in Australia. Not long, I grant you, but her parents spent over 20 years in Sydney before moving back to England, so the colonial influence was strong...and one they spent a good deal of energy on denying/ignoring when back in England, thanks to the prejudice held against those who had lived in the colonies. Elizabeth (or May as she was called by her family) always denied her Australian birth to make her entry into 'polite society' smoother. It was one of the things her cousin, Katherine Mansfield also struggled with being NZ born.

  2. I'm home. I have my first glass of wine in my hand. I think I know what I'm going to read. I'm about to write a Journal post for today, but later in the week I'll do one that directly refences AusReading Month. And after that one review and hopefully two. Good luck and thank you for the month. Bill

    1. Glad to hear you are safely home again after another long trip. Are the restrictions easing at all yet in WA? Or do you have another 2 weeks of iso ahead of you?

      Right now, I have a beer in hand, reading the very delightful Elizabeth von Armin and spending time in her German Garden, while Mr Books prepares the dinner. We've had a miserable, rainy weekend...perfect for catching up on blogging and reading. My first week of posts is all but finalised and I have 3 reviews waiting to be written for week 2 and 3. This may turn out to be the most organised AusReading Month ever (touch wood!)
      Thank you once again for your participation and I'm waiting with baited breath to see which book you choose this year!

  3. The sun is rising on the other side of the world....and it welcomes #AusReadingMonth2020! I think this is my 7th challenge participation!
    Coffee is brewing, I have to catch up on the latest news out of USA....(election on Tuesday) Luckily NL is a pragmatic nation and has a strong leader (PM Marc Rutte) I hope we get through the next few months. We are in a lockdown 'light'. So, I have to gather my thoughts an plan to write a sign-up post today. I heard on the news just now AUS has had NO community cases of covid in 5 months! Congratulations! Thanks for hosting yet again, my favorite reading challenge!

    1. Welcome to your 7th AusReadingMonth Nancy! Your enthusiasm is something I look forward to every year.

      No community cases Australia wide for the first time in 5 months is certainly a great achievement, especially after the terrible few months that Victoria has had. I did hear that one case was confirmed in Sydney late today, which get counted in tomorrow’s numbers. But we certainly cannot complain when we’re counting daily covid cases on one hand. Sorry to hear you’re in soft lockdown again. The news coming out of Europe & US is not good.

      B23 now works for a betting agency. Apparently the money on the US election outcome is the highest ever for any event in history! I personally don’t understand this at all, but I’m obviously in a minority when it comes to betting. But it’s certainly an election that the whole world is watching.

    2. Can I place a bet for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris? :)

    3. You can currently get $1.55 for Biden and $2.50 for Trump. Betting odds are for a Biden win, which is curious as most people seem to be pessimistically saying that Trump will win.

  4. My celebration post is up:

    1. Your 88 Australian books so far this year is VERY impressive Shelley!

  5. I'm excited! I've mentioned the challenge in my post today but not enough detail to merit your linky. Will add a link to my review when it's read and done, I'm really looking forward to finally getting to The Three Miss Kings!

    1. Thanks for joining in AusReading Month again Lyzzy :-)

      I really enjoyed one of Cambridge's later books, Sisters when I read it & have been meaning to read more since. The Three Miss Kings is meant to be a good one too.

  6. A bit late to the party but hope there are still cakes available :)

    1. Always, there may even be a lamington or two :-)

    2. I even know what they are :) Though have eaten only one and that was in New Zealand so probably doesn't count :)

    3. Well I have managed one book but at least it was a corker :)

    4. Mercury, you've hot upon a very touchy subject! We have almost been to war with NZ about the origin of the lamington!!!
      We claim it thanks to some newspaper article around 1900 talking about the governor of one of the states dining with Lord Lamington and a special dessert being made in his honour. But the NZ-er's claim to have created it a decade or so before that time, except they called it a wellington!!

  7. I've read The Three Miss Kings and added my link - glad I did have one to contribute!

  8. Hi Brona, I did it! I managed to finish it with a few days to go but it's taken me a bit longer to write the review.

    1. Thanks Carol. The Fortunes of Richard Mahony is one of my all-time favourite books, so thanks for bringing back some good memories :-)

      I've added your link to the BIG list as well.

  9. I just finshed the last book for #AusReadingMonth2020.
    I had to wait for it to arrive in the post from Australia....I cant
    get it here yet! Hope you can add this one to the master is SO GOOD!
    After the Count by Stephanie Convery Shortlisted for Walkely Award 2020 and NIB Award 2020.


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