Tuesday 8 December 2020

Stories & Shout Outs #35


My Week:
  • An ordinary few days as my hayfever symptoms ramp up another notch.
  • Enjoying our mini-wine bottle Advent calendar - a lot!
  • Restacked my TBR piles into a semblance of order and jettisoned a few old ones I will never read now.

I Am Reading:
  • The Living Sea of Waking Dreams | Richard Flanagan | 65% done
  • My Love Must Wait | Ernestine Hill | introduction read
  • Dearly | Margaret Atwood | 41% done
  • Throat | Ellen van Neervan | 75% done
  • How We Live Now: Scenes from the Pandemic | Bill Hayes | 34% done
  • The Salt Path | Raynor Winn | 46 % done
  • War and Peace | Leo Tolstoy | 87% done 

Read But Not Reviewed

  • Life After Truth | Ceridwen Dovey
  • Homeland Calling | edited by Ellen van Neervan

New To the Pile:
  • A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles | Ned Palmer
  • Women | Mihail Sebastian
  • To Calais, In Ordinary Time | James Meek
  • The Decameron Project: 29 Stories from the Pandemic | The New York Times
  • Yolk | Mary H K Choi
  • A House For Mr Biswas | V S Naipaul
  • Klara and the Sun | Kazuo Ishiguro (with HUGE thanks to my wonderful A&U rep!)

On My Radar:
    • But how will I fit this into my schedule?
    • One of my all-time favourite series, read before I started blogging.
    • I'd LOVE to reread them all again (even the one or two duds) just to be back in Aubrey and Stephen's world...
    • And so I can blog about each one as well.
    • Oh, what to do!


  1. Sorry, I know you posted a lot of worth reading things, but my mind got stuck at "mini wine bottle Advent calendar", I didn't know this existed ! Even if my boyfriend has the beer equivalent ^^

    1. And there is a gin advent calendar too #justsaying :-)

  2. My Week:
    Today! Hair cut….1 x per three months + stop a bakery next door!
    Pre Xmas shopping (home delivery)…stock up b/c things sell out fast!
    Restacked my TBR piles…but today I am going to make a list of ALL my Kindle books
    ….too many to admit! now.
    Book read/reviewd for #ALiteraryChristmas and #DiverseDecember

    I Am Reading:
    Body Count | Paddy Manning |
    Promised Land | Barak Obama |

    Read But Not Reviewed
    All books read…all reviewed.

    New To the Pile:
    Fire Country | Victor Steffensen
    Dark Place |Frank Poorhouse (ordered from AUS)…out of print here.
    Mule and Men | Zora Neale Hurstong (getting ready for Black History Month Feb 2021)
    Man-Handled (poetry)| Melinda Smith (ordered from AUS)

    On My Radar:
    The best of 2020 posts… always fun to read!
    Love your links….

    1. I'm trying to work out how to fit a colour and cut before Christmas & my hairdresser goes on Hols in early Jan. I may have to go on a Saturday, which I dislike because it is so busy then.

      Do you have all 3 of the Frank Moorhouse books? Glad to have your company. I have Fire Country on my TBR pile. I may try to read it over the summer break...if house and garden projects don't take up all my time.

    2. I had to order Grand Nights and Cold Light via Australia.
      Our Euro is pretty strong vs Aus dollar...so I can live with
      the extra $$ for shipment. Any specific reading schedule for Moorhouse books?
      Hairdresser: 2 customers 2 stations open....and I skipped the hair wash...wanted to get in-out as soon as possible. I'm determined to stay safe until the damn vaccine it administered! NO restaurants, cafés, bars open in NL this December...so a lot of sad faces for those used to dining out! I'm stocking up on every indulgement (chocolate, ice cream/fudge sauce, Irish whisky (Irish coffee) and wine (for cooking...and for the chef!) What are the best sellers in bookstore at the moment?

    3. Have you had a run on the shops again in the Netherlands? Or are you just being prepared? Glad you've got plenty of treats to keep you going.

      The Edith Trilogy Readalong will run from Oct - Dec 2021. One book per month, which will allow me to read other books in between.

    4. No run in the shops at all...just does not happen in this very 'down-to-earth' country. Nobody panics. The number of positive coronavirus tests increased on Wednesday for the seventh time in eight days to 6,589, the public health agency RIVM said. The number is 34% higher than a week ago and reflects the underlying rising trend that began at the start of December. But these stats pale in comparison to what is happening in USA. Yesterday more than 3000 died in one day...and the trend is only going higher. That is a 9/11 disaster every day, just think about that! Cheerier news: received 'Dark Palace' yesterday. The book is a whoppper 657 pages! If I'm going to read that AND #AusReadingMonth2021...then I need to do some very good planning!

  3. That’s quite a lot of books to be in the middle of!

    1. I do that all the time Shelley.
      The Salt Path is my walking backpack (for when I stop for coffee!), and Dearly and How We Live Now are my work lunch time reads. War and Peace is a chapter-a-day year long readalong. I plan to finish the Flanagan today on my day off :-)

  4. Wow that's a long challenge - sounds like you want to do it, though! I have two read but unreviewed sitting on my desk and I must review them before I finish another one.

    1. I now have another part reviewed book, but with our bookclub Christmas dinner on tonight and a trip away this weekend, it may be a few more days before I get on top of blogging stuff again....I couldn't wait all that time and NOT read more books.


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