Monday, 10 October 2011

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

I've already declared my love of books by Oliver Jeffers, so you will not be surprised to see his latest book here.  

This time we have a little boy whose kite gets stuck in a tree. To try and get it out he throws his shoe up...which also gets stuck, followed by his other shoe, another toy, the family cat and so on.
Every time the object thrown into the tree gets a little bit bigger and a little more absurd!

This book is silly and quirky and appeals perfectly to the young child's sense of the ridiculous.

I recently read 'Stuck' out loud to my storytime group to popular acclaim. And it seems to be the kind of story that gets stuck in a child's imagination as I have had several families come back saying their child is now obsessed with the book. High praise indeed!

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