Friday, 23 December 2011

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

This book has got me thinking about why it is that some books work and some books don't.

For me, this book doesn't work.
It falls flat, it feels contrived and cliched.
But then I read some of the other reviews out there and it's obvious that some of you like it.
So what is it? This magic thing that makes a book work?

The ingredients seemed sound - a striking cover, a dystopian story that alternates between the female and male perspective; the insider and outsider perspective. Lost parents, death of the best friend, on the run, heartless government, evil son of the president out to get youno matter know the drill!

All these themes and techniques are successfully used in The Hunger Games, Birthmarked, Legend and Gone just to name a few.

Under the Never Sky failed to capture my attention, even though it was there to be captured. The dialogue felt forced, the characters seemed too obvious in the roles they were going to play. There were no surprises. Nothing new; nothing special. Except for the fabulous cover!

I won't be hanging out for the sequel.

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