Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wonder by R J Palacio

I was a little wary about approaching this book. Another book about a child with special needs told from their perspective? Do we really need this?
In the case of August the answer is a resounding - YES!

August's story is compelling from the word go. He was born with a rare facial disfigurement. He spent his childhood undergoing painful surgeries and treatments. He was home schooled by his mother throughout this period, but at age 10, his family decide that Auggie is ready to go to a regular school.

This is the story of his first year at school.

We see it though his eyes, then his sister, followed by a couple of the kids at school, the sister's friend & boyfriend and finally back to August. The different perspectives is an effective device for this story - so much of the emotional tension in this book is about how people react when they first see Auggie.

Wonder is an inspiring, heart-warming story about friendship, being true to yourself, kindness and the power of a good teacher to create positive changes.

The sad thing for all of you is that Wonder is not released in Australia by Random House until March 2012. The good thing is that there are plenty of other incredible books out there to read right now - just see below for some examples!

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  1. I've bought the hype on this one, and then bought the book. Now I just have to read it.


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