Sunday 29 September 2013

Australia in Print: AusReading Month (November)

Welcome to Australia in Print.

Australia in Print celebrates Australian books, Australian authors and all books set in Australia.

Join us as we travel around Australia state by state, region by region, city by city.

Over the next year or so, I plan to visit (by map) each state and territory. I hope to highlight their authors, books set in their region or famous characters who hail from their towns.

To get the ball rolling I'm hosting an AusReading Month to coincide with TripleJ's Ausmusic Month in November.

Triple J have been hosting Ausmusic month for years and years. You can view clips, enter competitions & listen online to non-stop Aussie music as you read an Australian book or two.

This event will be being spread around the world via The Classics Club events page, therefore this year, AusReading Month will focus on Australian classics.

The Goal is to read as many Australian classics as you can during November.

They can be fiction, non-fiction, children's, bio's, poetry, modern classics whatever - they just have to be Australian. You can also team up your books with classic Australian music and movies.

It's time to break out the lamingtons, open a pack of tim-tams and crack a violet crumble.
Why not try a vegemite sandwich or get stuck into a pavlova!
It's time to join the true blue down under!

(I promise not to have a month long Aussie slang fest, but I suspect as you read some of our classics you may come across unusual words, phrases or cultural references that will need to be explained.)

You can join in by popping your name with a link to your blog into the comments below.

You can write a start-up post on your blog and link it back here or you can write in the comments below.
Let us know what you plan to read.
What are your impressions of Australia and Australian literature?
Have you ever visited or plan to visit Australia soon?

Over the next month I will add some lists of Australian classics. You can also check out my tabs above - especially the CBCA tab to find prize winning Australian books.

I hope you can join me on our literary journey around this big beautiful land.

Happy reading mate!

November - The master post for this event is now live and can be found here.


  1. What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see what books you talk about. Hopefully I'll get a chance to read a bunch of them before my trip next year!

  2. Anonymous3/10/13

    I plan to " dump" my long time lover Emile Zola via a text message and tell him I've decided to " join the true blue down under" !! Put the Foster's beer on ice, fire up the barbie and send me the link for Australian Classics asap !

  3. Anonymous3/10/13

    Here is my link for blog

    1. Thank you dear Ipso for this lovely shout-out. You made my night :-)

  4. Anonymous3/10/13

    Brona, here is my "kickoff" link for the AusReading Month,. I'll try to get some Dutch friends interested in Classic Australian Books! via your CBCA link!

    1. Glad you can join us.
      I'm new to inlink and didn't think to make the start day for the link now, instead of the 1st Nov!! Do'h!!
      So feel free to add all your links again on the 1st :-)

  5. Anonymous10/10/13

    Great idea, I have The Three Miss Kings by Ada Cambridge TBR - a VMC so I might read that during November. I need to see if I have anything else that would fit the bill too.

    1. I had never heard of this book or author! But a quick google showed up a very interesting English lady who moved to Aust & wrote stacks of books about her new country.
      I'm on the look out for her now :-)

  6. Anonymous30/10/13

    I love this idea, Brona, and I would love to participate but I all my classic Aussie novels are being shipped from Canada to Tassie at the moment! (I have quite a few and am wishing I had access to them right now!) I'll have a look around tomorrow when I'm in town and see if I can find something I don't already have. Do you know of a site that lists Aussie classics, I wonder?

    But in the meantime I'll have to post about this - a bit late but it's not yet November!

    1. Never too late to join in.
      If you scroll through my blog over the past few weeks I've created quite a few lists of classic Aussie books as well as those decided by popular votes.
      I hope you find them useful

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Love this! I'm going to try to come up with a list of books so I can join in.

    1. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your list.


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