Tuesday 19 November 2013

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris by Kate Knapp

My first brush with Ruby Red Shoes left me a little unsure.

The story & illustrations were sweet, delightful and wholesome, but a part of me was going "ohhh - too sweet and wholesome for my liking."

But over the past few months, Ruby has been worming her way into my heart.

I started following her on Instagram and facebook where I saw some of the pictures for the Paris book as works-in-progress.

Ruby Red Shoes has been a success story in our little Indie bookshop - it gets regular requests and is a storytime hit - especially with grandma's and 6 year old girls.

Publication date for Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris was flagged on social media and I found myself getting a little bit excited.

And it doesn't disappoint.

The story is as sweet and delightful and as wholesome as before, but this time with a chic, European sophistication.

Below are two little quotes that tickled my fancy...

"fizzing with excitement" &

"delicate chinks as coffee cups kiss their saucers."

Knapp has created a lovely early reader that will delight generations to come, especially if she adds to the series with more "...goes to..." titles.

Yes, this is a talking animal story (see Midnite review below) but the rabbits only talk to other rabbits. And that makes all the difference!


  1. Oh I forgot that I bought this! I saw it in my local bookshop a few weeks ago, and had to buy it toute suite. I should read it...

    1. I'm sure you'll love it Louise :-)


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