Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Classic Spin #5

The best thing about The Classics Club blog being based in the USA, is that it is still the 10th of February there.

Which means that it is still my birthday!

Happy Birthday Me!!

I've believed for sometime now that my birthday should not be constrained to just one day.

I've been claiming the closest weekend to my birthday as my special weekend for quite some time. In fact, I'm not far off claiming the entire month of February as mine!

So imagine my delight when The Classics Club choose my birthday as their next spin date! It has given me the perfect excuse to extend my day - the 10th - by nearly 24hrs thanks to the International Dateline!

And our lucky spin number on the 10th Feb is ...... 20!!

Which means the spin has been kind to me and my cheats methods of finishing chunksters.

I started the Odyssey last year with Allie's readalong at A Literary Odyssey, but I got stuck half way. I put it on this spin in the hope that it would encourage me to finish it :-)

I will be reading along with Plethora of Books who also had The Odyssey as book no. 20.

The aim is to finish it by the 2nd April and post my review on The Classics Club.

Happy Reading.


  1. Anonymous11/2/14

    Well, happy belated on your side of the world birthday.

    I have some catching up to do since you are already halfway through this voyage with Homer. I will be making periodic postings during the reading period. I haven't decided on schedule yet, but need to read about four of the books per week.

    1. The Odyssey was a reread for me, but my first time was with a prose version. Last year I (half) read the verse version translated by Fagles. I was really enjoying it, but got stuck in the halls of the dead!
      Then other books, other challenges & other readalongs came along & distracted me.
      This is a link to my journey thus far Homer
      Which translation will you be reading?
      I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Congratulations! Personally, I think you should start from the beginning again …………. Ha ha! Shame on me, teasing you on your birthday! In any case, I hope you two have a great read/finish. I may join you but I'm slogging through a list already so I haven't decided yet.

  3. Happy Birthday from a place where it is still your birthday!

  4. Anonymous11/2/14

    Happy Birthday!

    I hope you can get through and enjoy The Odyssey this time. :)

  5. Happy Birthday - I think you've done pretty well. I haven't read the Fagles translation - we had the Lattimore verse translation on our list at uni. I liked that a lot.

  6. Anonymous11/2/14

    Happy Birthday - I've never read Homer but am full of admiration for anyone who has read even half

  7. Happy belated birthday! I've had The Odyssey (and The Iliad) on my TBR stacks for years - I've read enough about Greek mythology to feel like I know the stories, but I still want to read them for myself some day.

  8. Anonymous12/2/14

    Good luck with The Odyssey! I found the book really tough and never made it through Allie's read-along. It's great that you have another blogger to keep you company. I'll try again someday, but it may be awhile ...

  9. Happy birthday!!! I'm all about birthday weeks. I just reread The Odyssey and loved it. There's a great audio version the Ian McEwan reads.

  10. Anonymous25/2/14

    Lisa and ebookclassics - Feel free to join the Read Along and move the Odyssey of the TBR pile ;)

    I think the pace is relaxed enough to not feel to high pressured.

    Post so far: Book III-IV update; Book I-II update; Background Post and then the Schedule/Sign-Up post.


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