Friday, 27 June 2014

King Pig by Nick Bland

Nick Bland returns with another quirky, amusing picture book about friendship - although there are no bears - cranky, itchy, sleepy or otherwise in this book.

But there are sheep!

If you loved the kindhearted sheep in The Cranky Bear as much as I did, you will be delighted to see a whole flock of equally sweet-natured sheep in King Pig.

King Pig, himself, is rather rude, selfish, thoughtless, bossy & domineering. And he simply cannot understand why everyone does not adore him.

After pages of discontent and growing awareness, King Pig finally has an 'ah-ha' moment when he sees things from the sheep's perspective. He learns the importance of "being nice" and saying "sorry", then doing something about it.

It's not a 100% happy ending for everyone concerned, but we can all see (along with the sheep) that King Pig is trying to change and trying to be more thoughtful.

King Pig has been shortlisted for picture book of the year in this year's CBCA awards.

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