Friday 4 September 2020

Heartstopper Vol 2 & 3 | Alice Oseman #GraphicNovel


After thoroughly enjoying my time with Charlie, and his new boyfriend Nick in Heartstopper Vol 1, I knew I had to complete the trilogy to see how things turned out for them. 

The being in love part turns out to be pretty easy for these two sweet guys in Heartstopper Vols 2 & 3. The hard part is coming out to everyone at school. 

Last year Charlie was badly bullied when some kids at school found out he was gay. Naturally he's reluctant to be the centre of school gossip once again. For Nick, things are a little more complicated. He likes girls, and now he also realises he likes guys. As the captain of the football team, this is not an easy thing to come to terms with. How does he tell his family that he's bisexual and what if he gets bullied like Charlie did last year?

By the end of Vol 2, Nick has told his mum, and together, they have told a few close friends.

Vol 3 sees the boys very excited, planning a school trip to Paris. There's a lot of cute stuff about them working out how to be good boyfriends to each other, how to talk openly about what's going on for them, how they feel etc.

They tell a few more people, and realise that most people are cool with them being together. The Paris trip goes well until Charlie faints one day at the Louvre, and Nick starts wondering what else is going on for Charlie.

Oseman leaves us with a cliff hanger in Vol 3 as we see Nick google what he suspects is Charlie's problem, which leaves ME to assume that a Vol 4 is in the works! Huzzah!

This is pure teen romance from start to finish.
Sweet, gentle and awkward. 

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