Thursday 3 November 2011

The Tunnels of Tarcoola by Jennifer Walsh

I started off feeling a little uncertain about this book although the back blurb ticked many of my boxes - mystery/adventure Enid Blyton style, set in Balmain, local author etc.

But maybe that's why I was a little uncertain. A story set in my local area - the streets & parks I walk each day fictionalised - actually made me feel a little off-kilter.

Once I let go of my proprietary feelings though I was hooked.
I was reminded of my childhood and the way I would get sucked into a Blyton story - racing through it to find out what the mystery was and how the problem was solved.

So maybe my only problem is this obvious use of the Blyton formula - 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls) a spooky house and caves, someone who wants to run away, buried treasure, a kidnapping or 2, a chase and a dog! The Adventurous Four all over again.
However Walsh used all these ingredients to make a splendid adventure, full of charm and suspense.

And now I've seen the fantastic cover for the first time and I think that Walsh is onto a winner.
Highly recommended for 10+ readers.

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