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Below are the WINNERS with some longlisted pictures, where I could source them easily.

2020 - 

2018 - Milkman (Anna Burns)

2017 - Lincoln in the Bardo (George Saunders)

2016 - The Sellout (Paul Beatty)

2015 - A Brief History of Seven Killings (Marlon James)

2011 - The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes) (R)

2008 - The White Tiger (Adiga)

2007 - The Gathering (Anne Enright)

2006 - The Inheritance of Loss (Desai) (R)

2005 - The Sea (Banville)

2004 - The Line of Beauty (Hollinghurst)

2003 - Vernon God Little (Pierre)

2002 - Life of Pi (Martel)

2001 - True History of the Kelly Gang (Peter Carey) (R) (Australian)

2000 - The Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood) (R)

1999 - Disgrace (Coetzee)

1998 - Amsterdam: A Novel (Ian McEwan)

1997 - The God of Small Things (Roy) (R)

1996 - Last Orders (Swift)

1995 - The Ghost Road (Barker)

1994 - How Late It Was, How Late (Kelman)

1993 - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Doyle) (R)

1992 - The English Patient (Ondaatje) (R)

1992 - Sacred Hunger (Unsworth)

1991 - The Famished Road (Okri)

1990 - Possession: A Romance (Byatt) (R)

1989 - The Remains of the Day (Ishiguro) (R)

1988 - Oscar and Lucinda (Carey) (R) (Australian)

1987 - Moon Tiger (Lively)

1986 - The Old Devils (Amis)

1985 - The Bone People (Hulme)

1984 - Hotel Du Lac (Brookner) (R)

1983 - Life & Times of Michael K (Coetzee)

1982 - Schindler's Ark (Keneally) (R) (Australian)

1981 - Midnight's Children (Rushdie)

1980 - Rites of Passage (Golding)

1979 - Offshore (Fitzgerald)

1978 - The Sea, the Sea (Murdoch)

1977 - Staying on (Scott)

1976 - Saville (Storey)

1975 - Heat and Dust (Jhabvala)

1974 - The Conservationist (Gordimer)

1974 - Holiday (Middleton)

1973 - The Siege of Krishnapur (Farrell)

1972 - G. (Berger)

1971 - In a Free State (Naipaul)

1970 - The Elected Member (Rubens)

1969 - Something to Answer For (Newby)

(R) Read but not reviewed

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