Sunday 19 February 2012

Top Five Sundays #74 Book Series I Plan To Finish in 2012

Another day; another meme!
I promise I won't do this all the time, but I'm curious how memes work and I have the time this weekend to play with my here goes!

Top Five Sundays is hosted by Larissa at Larissa's Life.

This week Larissa's question is about the series you plan to finish in 2012 and since I've been sucked in by many a series over the years, this one seemed too appropriate for me to miss!

#1 The Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood.

I've currently read about half the books - 8 more to go! The series is about to start on ABC TV (Australia) next week - I have my fingers & toes crossed that it works.
1929 Melbourne, jazz, flapper dresses, martini's , smart, sassy, sexy lead and gentle crime mysteries - it has all the right ingredients! And I hope Greenwood plans to write more.

#2 Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.

This series is more serious-minded than the Phyrne series.
Maisie's crimes are solved by psychology and meditation and they focus heavily on the events and aftermath of WW1.

I've reviewed a couple of the books below and Winspear has a great blog you can check out too.

The 9th book in the series 'Elergy for Eddie' is due out next month.

#3 Trueblood series by Charmaine Harris.

I've read the first 2 books so far (& my husband has read the first 8!) We've also started watching the series on DVD.

They're better than I thought they would be, although they are pretty lightweight and not as sexy as the series. According to my husband, some of the books are a bit more miss than hit!

#4 Edith Trilogy by Frank Moorhouse.

I read the first 2 books over a decade ago and loved them. I particularly loved Edith and the historical setting of Geneva between the wars.

I reread the first 2 books about 5 years ago and hated them. Edith was sooooo annoying!

I reread the first book, 'Grand Days' at Christmas time and fell in love with Edith again.
This love was less passionate and more discerning than previously.
It was and is such a grand story...and I feel the need to see how it all ends with 'Cold Light'.

#5 Birthmarked Trilogy by Caragh O'Brien.

I loved and reviewed both Birthmarked and Prized below.

I can't wait to see how O'Brien finishes it off - Book 3 is due spring 2012 (Southern Hemisphere).


  1. Great picks! I haven't tried any of them, and I especially want to get & read the Birthmarked books & I'm glad you loved them, too! Keep hearing they're amazing!

  2. Interesting series. Never heard of the first two series. Very good picks.


  3. These series look really good I haven't heard of a few of them. Great picks(:

  4. The Maisie Dobbs series looks like one I'd like! Thanks for stopping by my place!

  5. I've just heard there is a new Sookie coming out this year #12. With the final book due next year :-(

  6. I only know the Charlaine Harris Books from that list hehe they are awesome!


  7. The southern vampire series by Charlaine Harris is a series I really love. It will be sad when it ends.
    I tagged you at book tag meme, here is the link.


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