Tuesday, 17 April 2012

B is for Bookmarks

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I have been collecting bookmarks since I was little.

In fact I still have (& use) a bookmark I bought in 1984 from Coffs Harbour (the one with the koala on it - it also has my 16 year old signature on the back!)

I collect bookmarks that are personal. I collect bookmarks from places that I visit and from exhibitions I've been to.

Friends give me bookmarks from their travels too and I also enjoy making bookmarks.

Other bookmarks just have sentimental value.

I love finding old bookmarks in favourite books - they not only mark the spot, but they mark a place in time in my heart.

(One of my favourite blogs is Forgotten Bookmarks - it makes me want to tuck away photos, postcards, newspaper articles and tickets into all of my books for some future reader to discover and wonder over.)

1 comment:

  1. Great bookmarks! I especially like the cat bookmark. :)


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