Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A - Z Blog Hop - Let's Start at the Very Beginning

Welcome to my new Alphabet Meme 2012.

This meme is not connected to a day of the week; just a letter of the alphabet and books.

I have pre-determined the theme for each letter to help with the planting and planning of thoughts.

I will post each letter in sequence and leave the linky things open until the end of 2012, so anyone can join in at any stage.

Join in, post the URL link for your specific blog post, leave a comment, follow/subscribe and make new friends.

As I write each post, I will add the blog link to the list below.

A - Australia
B - Bookmarks
C - Covers
D - Dragonflies
E - EReaders
F - Fantasy
G - Girl Power
H - Holocaust
I - India
J - Journeys
K - Kings and Queens
L - Lemons
M - Movies
N - Notes in the Margins
O - OMG!
P - Pop Up Books
Q - Quotes
R - Recipes
S - Series
T - Time Travel
U - Unabridged
V - Vintage
W - War
X - X Rated
Y - Young Adult
Z - Zombies


  1. Looks like things might get a little full on towards November... X rated and Zombies!

    1. LOL - ba ha - te he!
      Text language is just so expressive!
      Hope you feel inspired to add a post at some point.

  2. I have weekend quotes on my blog. I think it suit your Q in the alphabet. Please check out http://half-filledattic.blogspot.com


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