Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Beginner's Guide to Revenge by Marianne Musgrove

Romola's dad is in the Army which means the family moves around a lot. This makes it hard for Romola to make friends and to keep friends. Romola also has issues about making good decisions around the type of friends she makes. She believes it is all her fault and if only she could change and become the new and improved Romola then everyone would like her.

Sebastian's dad took off years ago. Sebastian's mum is dating someone new. Sebastian believes his dad is coming back soon. When he finds out that his mum is going to marry the new boyfriend, Sebastian sees red. He decides to find his dad and plot revenge against his mother and her partner.

The above 2 paragraphs make this sound like a heavy, issue-based story.

It's not.

This is a light, fun, warm-hearted tale about friendship, revenge and standing up for yourself.

The backdrop is Canberra and ANZAC Day. It's a quick, easy read with the moral not too heavily laid on.

Due to be published in August through Random House.

Excellent for mature 10+ readers.



  1. The title of this book made me snort with laughter.

  2. The title alone of this book makes me want to read it. I heard the title last week, and was immediately intrigued. I hadn't heard of this author before, I'm more keen to read her now.


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