Monday 4 June 2012

E is for E-Reader

It seems appropriate that my first post written on my new Asus Transformer Prime tablet is about e-readers.

Obviously the Asus tablet is more than an e-reader, although it's e-reader function was one of the major factors in buying a tablet in the first place. I also wanted to be able to blog anywhere, anytime (which is why I chose the Asus tablet - it has the best little clip-on keyboard that also acts as a protective cover for the screen.)

I'm still not convinced about e-readers, but some of my reps have their advance reading copies as ebooks only.

So far I've read a couple of chapters of Everneath (which I suspect I will add to my Right not to Finish list!) and Alice in Wonderland.

I enjoy playing with the font size and it's nice lying in front of the fire with the tablet on the floor in front of me, but it's not a book. I look at screens all day at work and blog. My down time needs to be something different.

Somehow curling up in bed with an e-reader doesn't sound as cosy as a book.

I can't cuddle an e-reader to my chest during a particularly poignant passage and I suspect it wouldn't be happy having a bubblebath with me either!
Even though I love my new tablet, it doesn't smell bookish. It smells slick and metallic which is fine for an appliance, but not for a book.

Next week I will be away for 5 days. The tablet is coming with well as a couple of books! I wonder which one will win out?

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  1. So, I just landed on your blog and the very first thing I see is the Asus tablet! I very recently bought one as well (though mine is the old bulkier model) and am super happy with it. A few years ago, I would have agreed with you that books are cozier than e-readers. But now, after so much staring at screens, I simply can't focus anymore when I'm reading physical books :(


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