Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hero On A Bicycle by Shirley Hughes

Most of you will be familiar with Shirley Hughes because of her wonderful picture books including Dogger and the Alfie series.

After all these years, Hero on a Bicycle is her first novel for children.

The story is set in Florence at the end of WW2. 

Paulo's father is fighting with the Partisans but hasn't been heard from for a long time. 
The Germans are watching everyone closely as the Allied front draws closer and closer to Florence. 

Paulo and his mother and sister are drawn into the war effort when they're asked to hide Allied soldiers from the Germans.

Hughes has written an old-fashioned style story about the dangers of war, the everyday heroes, of fears and courage. Although the story has action and adventure, I fear the 'grandmotherly' writing style may put off many young modern readers.

Which is a shame, because this is a wonderful tale for mature 10+ readers.

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  1. This one too is lingering on the TBR. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.


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